Fan-Forced Ceiling Heaters

Westside Wholesale offers wide selection of Fan-Forced Ceiling Heaters that will suit the requirements of any residential or commercial building providing space-saving and efficient heating options to fit each customer’s needs. Presented in this category selection of Fan-Forced Ceiling Heaters includes standard units and devices with lights.

Combination unit is presented with Broan 656 model that offers both lighting and heating features and thus becomes a prefect addition to any room of the house. Such device is able to distribute warm air throughout a room and can be accommodated with a 100W light bulb. Nutone Ceiling Heater may become handy when installed in hallways, entryways, stores, restrooms and similar areas since it creates warm and comfortable environment.

Offered at Westside Wholesale Fan-Forced Ceiling Heaters come with such features as automatic overheat protection and permanently lubricated motors. In addition, such devices are equipped with adjustable mounting brackets and are made from epoxy painted steel that ensures long life of the heater. All Fan-Forced Ceiling Heaters for sale are UL listed, which ensures their safe and reliable operation for many years to come.

With a vast selection of Fan-Forced Ceiling Heaters you have the ability to keep your house warm while spending reasonable amount of money. Westside Wholesale aims to provide its customers with high quality products from industries’ leading manufacturers. That is why you are able to select a perfect device to heat the room of your choice.

One of the main benefits of installing Fan-Forced Ceiling Heaters in a house is getting immediate comfort and warmth brought to any place. This may become a solution for that one room in the house that is always cold no matter what you do. Fan-Forced Heaters assist in warm air’s circulation and are more efficient and effective than conventional heaters. Not only will the room get the warmth it always lacked, you’ll be able to save money on energy bills during cold times.

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Nutone 154

Nutone 154

Nutone Ceiling Heater, Surface-Mounted Fan-Forced Radiant Heater

Our Price: $52.00
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Broan 656

Broan 656

Broan Ceiling Heater w/ Light

Our Price: $106.51
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How to Select

How to select a Fan-Forced Ceiling Heater

If your home doesn’t come with central heating you might want to consider equipping your home with additional heaters to ensure it stays warm when you need it most. Now, of all the heaters that exist today, fan-forced ceiling heaters offer great features while spending less energy and thus less money when operating. This is why hundreds of families prefer such devices over conventional heaters. The instructions listed below will help you select the perfect fan-forced ceiling heater to fit your needs.

The most important feature to note is the heater’s power—or the amount of warm air that it can distribute throughout a room. A small room or bathroom will be ok with a compact ceiling heater. However, if you are planning to install such device in a bedroom or a living room, it is important to ensure that it has enough power to heat the entire area. In addition to that, check that such heater has enough mounting space and can be connected into the electric line.

The additional features of a fan-forced ceiling heater are things that you should really pay extra attention too as they can potentially make your life easier. You may and will want your heater to be equipped with a timer or a thermostat so it’s better look for a device that comes with such features. A thermostat will let you program the desired temperature and will automatically turn the device off when such level is reached. Moreover, when a heating device is equipped with a thermostat it spends less energy and allows you to save money.

Control options are sometimes more important than the device’s size and power. When selecting a fan-forced ceiling heater, ensure you find the device with the most suitable controls. They can be presented with wall-mounted panels, remote consoles and manual switches coming directly from the fan. The best option is the remote console, since it gives you the freedom of controlling the heater from any location of the house. Bear in mind that the controls don’t come with the heater and are sold separately. This means that you have to check that a control switch is compatible with the heater before you purchase either of them.

Finally, after all of the important factors are considered, you can start focusing on the color options and design of your future fan-forced heater. This factor may not be important in case you are looking for a bathroom heater. No one will ever notice if its color differs from the ceiling’s decor. When you install a heater in the living room or hallway, heater’s finish becomes important. Don’t let it ruin the existent décor of the room; spend some extra minutes to find the device with a suitable design.