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Many clients today including customers of Westside Wholesale online store are seeking solutions to enhance the indoor air quality. For that purpose we suggest to use Fantech duct backdraft damper. This particular device is found to be pretty in the household. Initially, it is being fitted into the house duct system allowing the airflow in just one direction in order to prevent the outdoor air to come into the house. The duct backdraft damper is aimed to use the activation of gravity through blades or special springs. This way the air goes in one direction from the house into the outdoors.

Being an extremely convenient household device, the dampers come in different sizes to perfectly fit into the duct network. At Westside Wholesale online store we offer quality Fantech duct backdraft damper as this device is manufactured by professionals that ensures the perfect service. The metal gauge, springs and element components are well assembled together in this particular model making it one sturdy and reliable household ventilation unit. The Fantech damper is tested to serve in a long run without being broken or deformed.

Being a highly versatile product, the backdraft damper is an effective household ventilation unit that keeps the cold air from getting inside. During cold months of the year this device finds it perfect application and effective way to prevent the cold airflow from house infiltration. The mode we offer at Westside Wholesale store is made of galvanized steel collar and superior quality lightweight aluminum blades. The spring of the damper is perfectly loaded into a positive closure allowing to keep the perfect balance of air pressure in different parts of the house. As most homes today are equipped with different household heating features, the backdraft solves the problem of heated air being released from the house and allowing to save money on utility bills.

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