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Which size pool heater should I use in order to heat my pool?

Generally, the number of square feet determines the best size heater:       Conventional Heaters          up to 450 sq. ft.          450 - 600 sq. ft.          600 - 800 sq. ft.          800 - 1000 sq. ft.          1000 - 1200 sq. ft. -- -- - 125...

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Swimming Pool Heater BTU Calculator

Swimming Pool Heater BTU Calculator To help determine the BTU size needed for your pool, we need to gather some information. Enter all of your information regarding your pool using the drop down menus and click on the "calculate" button. Please note that heat rise varies when dealing with different heaters. The usual recommendation is an increase of 1 to 1 and a half degree per hour. For further definitions, please scroll your mouse over the question marks.Note: Most newer heaters are ...

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Basic Pool & Spa Combination Plumbing Chart

Common pool plumbing layout for the pool/ spa combo design with shared pool & spa heater and controller.

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