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Vigo Industries Faucet Accessories

Westside Wholesale offers Vigo faucets. Vigo has been delivering sophisticated kitchen and bath appliances of exceptional quality and up-to-date innovations. These faucets are of the best design and made of the highest quality materials. Among the wide array of products one can find modern ideas for bathroom and kitchen.

Bathroom faucets are divided into singe hole, vessel, waterfall vessel and wall mount models.

Single hole faucets have different finish including chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze. high quality cartridges makes operation and maintenance easy. Vigo faucets are also easy to clean and resist corrosion and tarnishing. Water pressure is tested to meet industry standard. All models have limited lifetime warranty.

Kitchen faucets as well as bathroom models require a perfect mix of cosmetic appeal and performance. The range of models is so wide that there are faucets from $50 to $1000. A great variety of styles, finishes and features gives the opportunity to choose an ideal faucet for any case. Vigo Industries’ models are equipped with high-end, ceramic disk. Solid brass construction is created one can imagine. All models are certified and listed by a number of organizations including UPC, CSA, ANSI and others.

Vigo Industries Faucets create trustworthy products that will serve for many years. Even though the price may be a bit higher on some models (comparing to competitors’) these models worth paying. The quality is outstanding. The design of all the products was created especially for different styles with the best engineers. The special construction of faucets makes it easy to clean and polish. That is why a little effort needed to maintain its perfect look.

Westside Wholesale presents models from different series. One can also find here a variety of accessories to suit, for example, elegant and convenient soap dispensers. In addition to wholesale prices for some models a coupon code can be used to get a discount. Vigo’s faucets will make the kitchen or bathroom look different!

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How to Select

How to shop for Faucet Accessories

Faucet accessories can expand the functionality of your sink beyond its original usage. Adding a soap dispenser can make your kitchen a more elegant and neat place to work. While extending the range of your faucet is also possible, Westside Wholesale has a large selection of accessories that cover the cosmetic and even the mechanical areas of faucets.

Fitting faucet accessories is usually straightforward. However, if the installation guides available on this website are unable to provide an answer to your questions, you might want to ask one of the experts at Westside Wholesale.

Additionally, solutions for saving money and reducing environmental damage are possible with faucet accessories. For example adding an aerator can reduce home water consumption by up to 50%, the economic savings for a relatively inexpensive device can soon add up.

Timesaving is also possible by adding spray nozzles to remove chunks of food matter before a through clean.

These factors should be considered when shopping for faucet accessories:

  • Finish. Westside Wholesale offers faucets with a range of finishes to complement the existing surroundings. For the bathroom models faucets can be finished using the Spot Resist Technology to give a lasting shine and clean look to the room.
  • Usage. If the faucet accessory is to be used in commercial location our durable products are designed to meet rigorous standards. These faucets will meet the demands of tough environments and provide many years of service.
  • Location. Faucets are available to complement the existing style of your bathroom, kitchen or office workspace. Whatever location you choose for the faucet and option is available.

Westside Wholesale only stock brands that are from quality manufacturers. Manufactures such as Chicago Faucets, Moen, Delta, Sloan and Vigo are all available on the website. For clients looking for different designs the manufacturer Moen should be considered. The Reflex system for kitchen faucets is also worth investigating. All products will have a long life span and enhance any environment.

Experts are also available online to give you advice. If you are in the plumbing trade you can join the Westside Wholesale mailing list to receive special offers and details of new products.

Making the choice of a faucet accessory is a pain free and smooth process when using the website. Notification of delivery times and stock levels can all be done to make sure your project is completed in the desired timeframe and at the correct budget.