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Feit Electric LED Light Bulbs

The market today is filled with a wide range of lighting products, company names and trusted brands that we can rely on while doing our illumination related purchases. Lighting is integral part of the interior design. The lighting can either make the surroundings look better or not so great. Whether we are selecting the lighting for our interior or exterior, we always must strive to aim to find high quality lighting products at the mostly affordable prices. The Westside Wholesale online store introduces the Feit Electric LED lighting to our customers. Keep in mind that all Feit Electric lighting product line is offered at extremely low prices and some discounted prices are applicable as well.

The Feit Electric company has been on the market for over 35 years now. The company continues to implement new technological innovations into their products while continuing to seek the next lighting breakthrough. Advancing in the production of LED lighting products assortment, the company researches and develops new ways of lighting with application of improved incandescent lamp technology. Perfect chandeliers and reflectors, as well as other Feit Electric LED lighting products continue to surprise with extended lighting capacity and innovative features. We need to admit the fact that every house needs a bright light and a dimmed light. A variety of interior lighting in particular can create unique design that will be liked by many people include your family members and guests.

Backed up by at least 2-year manufacturer warranty, the Feit Electric LED lighting will serve for over 20,000 hours. The products of Feit Electric are being manufactured in the USA and around the globe making them a global leader on the lighting market today. We believe that the company has achieved a perfect balance between high lighting product quality and affordable price. We offer very low shipping costs on all lighting items that will be shipped to your within 1-3 business days.

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Feit Electric 17BR40/DM/LED

Feit Electric 17BR40/DM/LED

Feit Electric LED Light Bulb, E26 Base, 17W (100W Equivalent) - Dimmable - 2700K - 1065 Lumens

Our Price: $28.99
as low as: $26.09

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22 : $26.96 ea. (7% off)
30+ : $26.09 ea. (10% off)

Feit Electric BR30/DM/LED

Feit Electric BR30/DM/LED

Feit Electric LED Light Bulb, E26 Base, 13W (75W Equivalent) - Dimmable - 2700K - 750 Lumens

Our Price: $20.25
as low as: $18.23

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Add 20 : $19.24 ea. (5% off)
32 : $18.83 ea. (7% off)
43+ : $18.23 ea. (10% off)

Feit Electric R20/DM/LED

Feit Electric R20/DM/LED

Feit Electric LED Light Bulb, E26 Base, 8W (45W Equivalent) - Dimmable - 2700K - 450 Lumens

Our Price: $17.99
as low as: $16.19

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Add 23 : $17.09 ea. (5% off)
36 : $16.73 ea. (7% off)
48+ : $16.19 ea. (10% off)
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How to Select

How to select LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs are, perhaps, the most efficient and long-lasting type of lighting that exists today. Equipping your home applications and lighting fixtures with LED bulbs will help you save significant amount of money and help you create the perfect lighting ambiance for every room in your home. Before you select an LED bulb, you need to consider some important details—the details mentioned below.

The most important detail of any LED bulb is its power range—or its brightness. The brighter the light is, the more energy it will consume. Despite the fact that LED lights are almost 5 times more efficient than conventional bulbs, calculating the operating cost of new light fixtures isn’t a bad idea. The capacity of an LED bulb is measured in lumens per watt and shows the amount of light that such bulb can offer. To select the most efficient options, look for a greater lumens-to-watts ratio that is indicated on the bulb’s package or description.

The shape of a light bulb is the next factor to consider. It all depends on your personal preferences and the purpose of the lighting fixture. The most common shape on the market today are presented with A-line, candle, spotlight and flood bulbs. Each type has benefits and suits certain locations and installations. For example, a-line LED bulb is installed in devices that light the rooms, living areas and hallways while spotlights are used to create an unusual backlight for buildings, interior elements or landscape fixtures.

The color temperature of a LED light bulb is also a very important detail that requires your attention. The warmer such temperature is the more comfortable and suiting atmosphere it helps create in a room. To know the shade of white light that a LED bulb offers, Kelvin temperature rating exists. This rating shows how bright the shade of white in a certain light bulb is. LED bulbs with higher K rating offer brighter light.

Now that you know all of the important factors of an LED light bulb and can select a perfect option for your particular applications, there is one last thing should be considered—configuration. You can either select a light bulb that has a pin base or the one that is mounted with a screwdriver and couple of brackets. This last detail only depends on the mounting location and your preferences and does not affect the bulb’s performance in any way.