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Cooper Flashlights

Westside Wholesale presents a product line of high quality flashlights manufactured by one of the industry leaders Cooper Lighting, which story of success began in 1956. The aim of Westside Wholesale is to offer its customers the best selection of goods from known manufacturers at the most affordable prices. The product line items are made of firs-class materials in accordance with proven innovative technologies to ensure full customer satisfaction. Every single detail of their design is carefully thought out.

For more convenience, Westside Wholesale categorized Cooper flashlights according to their price. To narrow your search, there is an option to choose between three categories: $40.00 - $50.00, $30.00 - $40.00, and $20.00 - $30.00. The flashlights from Cooper Industries are portable, reliable, compact and versatile. They use LEDs that are energy efficient, require no replacement and never heat up. The devices were carefully designed for easy and convenient storage, have a hook for hands-free use and a hinge for easy adjustments from 0 to 200 degrees. In addition, the flashlights’ design features neodymium rare earth magnets, allowing to attach the unit to metal surfaces. The product line items have durable polycarbonate lens for a better lighting experience. Moreover, the flashlights have reflective tape strips, which makes them ideal to use during roadside works.

The wall and car charging adapters are also included for greater mobility. Thus, the flashlights offered for sale on Westside Wholesale will become a perfect addition to any handyman’s set of tools. Cooper lighting devices will make the work in light-deficient spaces easier, safer and more comfortable. The availability of a reliable and efficient source of lighting is important, especially when it comes to planning a long trip far away from home and traditional lighting solutions dependent on a wall outlet. Once charged, the flashlight will work hours, providing excellent lighting with durable LEDs and ease of use due to thoughtful design features.

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Cooper LED130

Cooper LED130

Cooper LED Flashlight Might-D-Light Rechargeable Folding Worklight - 80 LED

Our Price: $45.10
as low as: $40.59

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Add 9 : $42.85 ea. (5% off)
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20+ : $40.59 ea. (10% off)

Cooper LED110

Cooper LED110

Cooper LED Flashlight Plug-In Worklight - 60 LED

Regular Price: $36.99
On Sale: $25.90
as low as: $23.31

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Add 16 : $24.61 ea. (5% off)
25 : $24.09 ea. (7% off)
34+ : $23.31 ea. (10% off)

Cooper LED120

Cooper LED120

Cooper LED Flashlight Rechargeable Worklight - 35 LED

Regular Price: $42.99
On Sale: $30.10
as low as: $27.09

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Add 14 : $28.60 ea. (5% off)
21 : $27.99 ea. (7% off)
29+ : $27.09 ea. (10% off)
3 products Sort by 

How to Select

Flashlight choice depends on intended use. Typically, there is no one light that works well in all situations. Consider your applications and the following basic questions:


Is the work close up or is a long range beam required?

Is the extraordinary bulb life and reliability of an LED needed or is the blinding power of a halogen or xenon bulb critical?


Can the budget pay for disposable batteries or does frequent use demand rechargeables?