Gerber Knives Flashlights

Gerber Knives 22-80012
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Gerber Knives 22-80012
Gerber Knives LED Flashlight Infinity Ultra Task, Military Grade - Black
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About Gerber Knives Flashlights

Westside Wholesale offers its customers a wide selection of original products from reputable manufacturers at the most affordable prices. A range of flashlights from one of the industry’s known suppliers Gerber Knives available on Westside Wholesale includes high quality devices that ensure trouble-free operation for years. Top-quality materials and advanced innovative technologies used to produce Gerber flashlights guarantee full customer satisfaction in any situation.

Encased in water-resistant housing, the flashlights have compact design and can easily fit in a pocket or glove compartment. The product line items are designed to become a multipurpose lighting tool, which is always ready to give excellent lighting in the color you need at a certain moment. It becomes possible due to the use of the Diode Illumination Adjustable Lens (D.I.A.L.) technology developed by Gerber and implemented in some models. Thus, it is easy to get white lighting for general use, green for map reading, blue for fluid identification, and red for the night vision mode. In addition, the technology allows distinguishing red things (like blood) from things that just have red in them (leaves, etc.).

The body of Gerber Knives flashlights is made of anodized aircraft aluminum, which is impact-resistant to ensure years of intensive use and lightweight for greater mobility.

To make the search easy and comfortable, Westside Wholesale offers Gerber Knives flashlights in several price categories: $10.00 - $20.00, $30.00 - $40.00, and $20.00 - $30.00. The bulb type used in the flashlights is LED, which requires no replacement, provides excellent illumination and do not heat up even after hours of use. Some of the product line items have a rotating head, which makes it possible to adjust the beam of light depending on your needs: spotlight and floodlight modes.

Choose price category that best suits your budget, decide on the features you need, and get your compact lighting perfection.

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