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Solar Style Flashlights

Westside Wholesale aims to provide its customers with thousands of high quality products from famous brands at affordable process. Westside Wholesale presents a line of flashlights from one of the industry’s known manufacturer Solar Style. The product line items have outstanding specifications and thoughtful design. Given growing prices for electricity, there is a need for alternative electric power sources that could provide electricity anywhere needed and for less money. Thus, Solar Style has developed an affordable and reliable solution, which is portable solar chargers.

Such devices are indispensable when there are no outlets around and your computer or radio battery needs to be recharged. The most important thing is that portable solar recharges would make it possible to recharge your cell phone in an emergency. In addition, the intelligent design of the product line devices includes an AM/FM receiver, high quality battery on board to storage energy for later use, as well as panic siren to attract attention, and lamp.

Environmentally friendly and durable flashlights manufactured by Solar Style and offered for sale by Westside Wholesale will become a good option for people who are going out of town, plan to set up camp far away from home and have no access to traditional energy sources. Hybrid solar powered devices from the Solar Style brand are more than just universal flashlights. Such outstanding feature as the ability to hold a full charge for over 2 years makes them a perfect solution for any traveler. The charge level is always under control, since there is a built-in indicator, which notifies when the battery is getting law.

Whatever the distance to cover is, Solar Style flashlights will always give the user some extra power to recharge a phone or laptop on the go. Advanced technologies, thoughtful design and first-class materials used to produce the flashlights will fully satisfy the most demanding customer needs. They are perfect for everyday use, requiring about 3 hours to get charged when put in the sun or room light.

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Solar Style SC006

Solar Style SC006

Solar Style Flashlight Sure Power Solar Radio, Accessory Charger, & Emergency Light - Blue and Gray

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On Sale: $7.99
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How to Select

Flashlight choice depends on intended use. Typically, there is no one light that works well in all situations. Consider your applications and the following basic questions:


Is the work close up or is a long range beam required?

Is the extraordinary bulb life and reliability of an LED needed or is the blinding power of a halogen or xenon bulb critical?


Can the budget pay for disposable batteries or does frequent use demand rechargeables?