Flexible Duct

Flexible ducts are one of the main parts in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning. There are different configurations. Typical flexible ducts are made of flexible plastic that is wrapped over a metal wire coil to form round and flexible duct. The insulation for these ducts varies in different countries. It can be glass wool, polyester fiber or other. A layer that is over the insulation consists of polyethylene. It can also be metalised PET in some cases.

The best manufacturers of flexible ducts are Hart&Cooley and Fantech. Both companies specialize in the air technologies. They produce innovative and qualitative products. Ducts should always be manufactured by a reliable company. If the quality of the duct is doubtful, there is a risk that all the system will break in a short time. There is nothing great in changing bad ducts in a few months, so pay attention to choosing products. At Westside Wholesale we recommend and sell only these two manufacturers. They provide qualitative products and one can be sure that these ducts will last for a long time.

A variety of sizes gives the opportunity to choose a proper duct for any case. Westside Wholesale has a range from 3 inch up to 14 inch flexible ducts. The insulation rating is also different, from R4.2 to R8. They can be used for Residential as well as Light Commercial HVAC. Special construction of these ducts provides improved quality of the air. In addition to this, H&C Company create ducts that remain mold and free of upcharges. All the ducts are tested and have special certificates. The warranty up to 10 years guarantees the highest quality of these ducts. All products are at wholesale prices.

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