Flotec Sewage Pumps

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Flotec FPSE3601A

Flotec FPSE3601A

Flotec Pump, Heavy-Duty, Cast Iron Automatic Submersible Sewage Pump - 1/2 HP, 3150GPH Max

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Flotec FPSE3200A

Flotec FPSE3200A

Flotec Pump, Heavy-Duty, Cast Iron Automatic Submersible Sewage Pump - 4/10 HP, 5250GPH Max

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How to Select

How to Shop for Sewage Pumps

Regardless of where you’re from, sewage and its disposal is a major issue around the world. This is especially true in cities with large communities because a high volume of sewage is produced on a daily basis. Westside Wholesale stocks sewage pumps that operate at a professional level and include features that prevent blockages from forming.

The range of pumps offered should be selected with certain criteria in mind. Using an expert or consulting with Westside Wholesale will ensure that the correct sewage pump is chosen for your specific requirements.

The following criteria should be considered before buying.

  • Size. The appropriate size is a crucial factor is choosing a pump. The pump must be able to be accommodated in the space available and mounted in a secure fashion. The pump must also be of a size sufficient to meet the demands placed upon it. Consult with a plumbing expert if you are unsure about which pump to purchase. Alternatively contact Westside Wholesale to ensure your sewage pump needs are met.
  • Maximum Pumping Capacity. This is a measurement of the volume of sewage the pump can comfortably deal with. To ensure that the chosen pump will not struggle to meet the demands placed upon it a calculation must be performed. It is important to understand how much waste the pump will receive during the course of an hour. Naturally this will vary but a pump must be able to deal with the maximum level at any time of the day. A plumbing expert can help provide assistance on this and use the number of appliances connected to the plumbing system to better understand how the unit will cope.
  • Cost. This is always a crucial factor when making any purchase. The pump must fit into the projects budget without sacrificing quality. Westside Wholesale stock pumps to match any pocket.

Westside Wholesale stock internationally known brands such as Flotec and Barnes—brands who have been providing high quality goods for many years.

The purchase of the right sewage pump does not have to be stressful experience, matching the correct pump to your needs will ensure that the system never breaks down due to overload. This can be a very expensive and messy problem to resolve which is why it is vital to choose the right pump from the beginning.

The wide range of sewage pumps offered at Westside Wholesale is likely to present a number of options to meet your needs and requirements.