Fluidmaster Ice Maker Connectors

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Fluidmaster 12IM72

Fluidmaster 12IM72

Fluidmaster 72" No-Burst Ice Maker Connector - Stainless Steel

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Fluidmaster 12IM120

Fluidmaster 12IM120

Fluidmaster 120" No-Burst Ice Maker Connector - Stainless Steel

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How to Select

How to shop for Ice maker Connectors

Westside Wholesale offers an excellent collection of products that includes ice maker connectors and accessories. Ice maker connectors link the water supply to your dish ice maker and must be manufactured to high standards in order to prevent leakage or breakage.

The manufacturers chosen by Westside Wholesale only make high-quality products that are both durable and economic. Many of these ice maker connectors are easy to install and allow repairs to be carried out by everyday people—they don’t require the care of a professional.

These ice maker connectors come with a variety of specifications. Choosing the most suitable connector is critical and Westside Wholesale will be happy to provide guidance in this area.

Consideration should be given to the following factors when selecting an ice maker connector that meets the requirements of your appliance.

  • Durability. An ice maker connector will receive plenty of stress and strain during its usage, so it needs to remain highly durable to prevent leakage. Leaks can be costly to repair, so it’s better to have an ice maker connector that is of a high-quality construction.
  • Material. Most ice maker connectors at Westside Wholesale are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is a great material because it provides outstanding protection against corrosion and will withstand the pressure of the water. Additionally, they are long lasting and remain in service for many years to come.
  • Ease of installation. If a professional is going to install an ice maker connector, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. However, if you’re looking to save money, installing this on your own is a great option. The ice maker connectors we have on sale at Westside Wholesale can be installed by anyone, not requiring great skill or any special equipment.
  • Reliability. All products stocked by Westside Wholesale offer a high degree of reliability and come complete with manufacturers warranties for your peace of mind.

Westside Wholesale stocks a wide range of ice maker connectors manufactured by Fluidmaster. Fluidmaster is a well-known company in the plumbing supplies industry and will deliver products to a high standard to meet your plumbing needs.

Expert advice can be taken on any of the ice maker connectors offered for sale by Westside Wholesale. This is just a simple matter of connecting to one of our online experts via our website. Whatever product you choose you can be sure that it will give you many years of use.