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360 Electrical Door Busters

360 Electrical is a private company launched by Kim Gerard in 1999. The company, originally from Utah, develops and manufactures breakthrough electrical products that make our life more convenient. Customers choose its innovative power protection solutions because they know the product is made of the highest quality. The company obtained its first patent in 2001 and 4 years later it received the prize at the National Hardware Show.

The idea to start the company occurred to Kim after her cell phone died on that memorable day. There was a serious problem in the office—there was just one outlet and a small traditional outlet could not accept two big plugs, which means that there was no space to charge her phone. Later, Kim sketched a possible solution to the problem when she dined with her future business partner. The bulky plug problem was solved on a napkin! Since it was just a sketch on a napkin at that time, the concept needed realization and much work was ahead. They needed to make it into a real tangible concept. Thus, Kim Gerard immersed into business.

Westside Wholesale is glad to offer the products of 360 Electrical in its gallery. Buy the electrical outlet that features rotating duplex receptacle. The flexibility of duplex rotating receptacles provide enough space for plugs!

The model comes in white (360 Electrical 36012-A) and black (360 Electrical 36014-B) color. Homeowners can considerably increase the functionality of receptacles using the products from 360 Electrical. The wall plates are screwless. It manufactures patented snap and lock wall plates.

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