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Hioki Door Busters

Hioki was founded in 1935 in Tokyo with the purpose to develop, manufacture and sell electrical measuring equipment. The company focuses on the mass production of testers and meters.

There are four main categories of Hioki products that serve to:

  • test electronic components for computers, mobile phones,
  • monitor transportation equipment,
  • measure electrical noise, magnetic fields and etc.

The company also works on the development of new products such as fuel-cell batteries.

The categories include automatic test equipment, memory recorders, electronic measurement instruments and field measurement instruments.

Hioki products contribute to the wide range of products offered at Westside Wholesale. Field measuring instrument Hioki 3280-10 was created for AC current metering. The device is easy to use. The range from 42 to 1000A AC with measurement ranges between them makes the digital clamp meter universal, ready for diverse application.

Hioki 3280-10 has a nice design. It is compact which helps users use the device for clamping at hard to reach places. Additionally, it is lightweight and weighs just 100 grams which makes it convenient to carry and use. The design was developed with comfort in mind which is why the meter has an LCD screen and a comfortable double lever. The item also comes equipped with a carrying case.

Use Hioki field measuring instrument twin light audible visual voltage detector 3120 to detect voltage. It features CAT IV 600V design. Indication lamps say about the battery status while the beeping sound is used for audible indication of voltage. A green LED light shows the battery charge and the red light is for voltage detection.

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