Amprobe Electrical Testing Equipment

Westside Wholesale provides customers with the best offers for Amprobe electrical testing equipment. The equipment is of the highest quality, competing with the world’s top brands. The products in this line can be useful for electricians as it will make their work much easier and efficient, especially when testing networks. If every electrician has at least some of the Amprobe models offered at Westside Wholesale they will find that their work will not only be safe, but easy.

The various testing equipment offered at Westside Wholesale is impressive. For instance, Amprobe TIC 300 PRO is a well-designed and highly-useful item that is considered to be top-of-the-line in regards to utility tools that are produced for checking transmission lines, load break connectors, power distribution equipment, down power lines, and fuses. The range of non-contact voltage detection are: 30-1500 VAC, 1500-122,00 VAC (including the hot stick TIC 410A). This product line also includes digital lights meters Amprobe LM-120 and Amprobe LM-100. The company also sells universal multi-meters. Humidity and temperature meters and socket testers will help ensure electrical networks are under control.

Because the models are compact they are more convenience to use and their colorful bodies provide better visibility for the user. The majority of the items are colored in a black-red-and-yellow palette. The variety of AC/DC voltages is one more advantage of the different models. There are many updates for the display models. The multi-functionality, durability and reliability are what customers can expect and appreciate. All models include a warranty.

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