Fluke Electrical Testing Equipment

Westside Wholesale offers a wide variety of electrical testing equipment for sale. The products are designed and produced by the famous manufacturer Fluke, whose mission is to continuously provide customers with high quality equipment that they can count on.

The product line includes slim reach test probes with flat blade tips for probing recessed or closely spaced terminals. The model includes hard stainless steel probe tips and a well-designed flat blade to ensure security when testing blade type electrical wall sockets of the following types: CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V—for the electric current rates of 10A. This product line also includes a wide variety of test lead sets that come in a pair, PVC or silicone insulated with right angle (straight) plugs or right angle (straight) connectors.

The accessories for electrical testing equipment include large alligator clips for TL222/TL224 test leads (one pair is colored black and red); type-K thermocouple adapter; probe tip alligator clip set for STL 120/TL75 test leads in red, black and gray. Electrical testing equipment can be placed in the stylish black-and-yellow soft carrying cases also for sale at Westside Wholesale. The line also includes fluke snap-on meter holsters and fluke meter vinyl zippered soft carrying cases, designed for smaller equipment.

The price for electrical equipment and accessories are affordable and begin at just $20. The staff will suit almost every budget level and will help electrical testers do a fantastic amount of work in repairing and testing networks. A warranty is included with every item.

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