Hioki Electrical Testing Equipment

Westside Wholesale is proud to offer a diverse selection of Hioki Electrical Testing Equipment models, each is used in a broad range of industries and fields. Hioki Testing Meters belongs to a category of indispensable tools that plays a fundamental role in modern industry. With both a wide DC and AC voltage range, this tool is useful for a variety of applications that include testing of electronic components for computers, mobile phones and many other uses.

The range of Hioki Electrical Testing devices for sale is diverse including multimeters (Hioki 3801-50 Digital HiTester), field measuring instruments (Hioki 3470-02 Magnetic Field HiTester), temperature testing instruments (Hioki 3419-20 Infrared Thermo HiTester), clamp-on meters (Hioki 3283 AC Only FMI Clamp On Leak HiTester), voltage detectors (Hioki 3126-01 Phase Voltage Detector), power meters (Hioki 3334 is an AC/DC Power HiTester) and etc. We also offer electrical meter cases to keep your tools safe while in transport or while in storage.

You would be surprised to find electrical measuring instruments of various shapes: hand held, pencil type, card-sized, etc. all of which are easy to use. If you get used to have everything at hand, we can offer a number of Hioki professional kits, such as Hioki HPK-1 Electrical Contractor, Hioki 3196-01/500 Analyzer Kit, Hioki 3169-20-01/1000 Power Demand Meter kit, etc.

With a memory that stores measurement data, Hioki testers also feature a USB interface which allows you to upload data onto your PC, along with a CD that contains the necessary software. The strong noise immunity allows for more accurate measurements.

The majority of Hioki Electrical Testing models are equipped with automatic power switching which prevents battery discharge (Hioki 3120 Field Measuring Instrument Twin Light Voltage Detector). With the thought of the consumer in mind, these electrical meters have digital/LCD data display.

Quality, cost effectiveness, and promptness of delivery are our main considerations. All the electrical testing equipment Westside Wholesale offers is top notch equipment that you can count on to work when you need it. Find the right Hioki products at prices that are right for you.

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46-45 of 56 products Sort by