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Electrical Testing Equipment

About Electrical Testing Equipment

Westside Wholesale offers a large variety of electrical testing equipment.  Electrical testing equipment is essential when trying to diagnose an electrical problem.  Without the right testing equipment you will not be able to accurately decide what exactly needs to be either worked on or replaced. 

A basic need in electrical testing equipment is a multimeter.  A multimeter is a testing device that tests for voltage, current and resistance.  Multimeters can be either analog or digital.  We also offer electrical meter cases to keep your multimeter safe while in transport or while in storage.

Another great form of electrical testing equipment is field measuring instruments.  Field measuring instruments include light meters, voltage detectors, resistance meters, LAN cable meters, and grounding meter.  All of these items are essential when diagnosing a problem within your electrical system.

Temperature testing instruments are also needed in monitoring the temperature of your electrical system.  These meters come in either analog or digital as well.  Some of the other electrical testing equipment we offer are distance meters, clamp-on meters, voltage detectors, recorders and power meters.

All the electrical testing equipment we offer is top notch equipment that you can count on to work when you need it too.  We only offer the top products available to ensure that you are satisfied with your equipment.

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Hioki 3153

Hioki 3153

Hioki HTI AC/DC Automatic Insulation Withstanding Meter

Our Price: $6,499.99
+ FREE Shipping
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