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Westside Wholesale offers a variety of Paladin hand tools and drill bits for sale. All of these high-quality products are affordable, especially when comparing them to the competition within the market. The tools are the perfect solution for every electrician who repairs or tests electrical networks.

In this product line, a variety of items are offered including crimper tools, cutters and strippers, PDT kits, punch down tools with rubber handles. Paladin PA1555 compression crimper tool is manufactured for coaxial cable and is a universal tool for water- and weather-proof linear BNC, CATV, RCA, right-angle connectors for RG6, RG6 Quad, RG59 and RG62AU shield cables. Paladin PA1556 data crimper tool is an original economy model for RJ11/12 and RJ45 plugs. Paladin PA1119 is a stripper and cutter for coaxial cable and twisted pair is designed for professionals. This model supports 2-level cable TV “F” connectors. Paladin PA3579 PDT kit comes equipped with 110 and 66 blades of reversible nature for cut-and-punch or punch only blades. Both of them are featured with twist-and-lock style.

Paladin PA4571 PDT blade kit is designed for use with Paladin punch down tools. The model includes 110/66 cut-only blade combination. Paladin PA3580 is a non-impact punch down tool with a rubber handle. With these products it is possible to cut telephone and data wires of 110, 109, 108, 88 panels of jacks. The model features a rubber handle grip, which is much comfortable in use and performs both punch and cut functions. The product is perfect for do-it-yourself installer or other small jobs.

A warranty for each model is included with purchase.

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Paladin PA1119

Paladin PA1119

Paladin SureStrip Cutter and Stripper for Twisted Pair and Coaxial Cable

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