Wire Strippers and Crimpers

Westside Wholesale’s online store presents a product line of wire strippers and crimpers. Within this line we offer products that are designed and manufactured by Greenlee and Paladin, both reputable brands. These manufacturers are esteemed and trusted by customers all over the world for designing exceptional sleek home tools with a wide range of various applications.

At Westside Wholesale we also have cable stripping tools on sale, in addition to K-series crimping tools, compression crimper tools especially for coaxial cables, wire stripper pliers featuring cushioned grip, all-in-1 phone and data crimper tools and much more.

The outstanding cable stripping tools by Greenlee provide users with a variety of different useful options such as triple action striping in spiral, rotary and linear styles. The blade of this tool can be adjusted to the thickness of insulation accurately, avoiding cable scoring. The handle of the tool features a special design that provides comfort during use as well as easy storage and identification. The base of this cable stripping tool contains a special storage pocket for keeping replacement blades.

We also suggest paying attention to the Paladin compression crimper tool that is designed especially for coaxial cables. It is an exceptional universal crimper that provides crimping for all waterproof and weatherproof linear.

All of our clients at Westside Wholesale can rest assured in the exceptional quality and reliability of the products we offer through the manufacturers, Greenlee and Paladin. Both manufacturers offer warranties on their products.

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