Colibri Soldering Torches

Among companies who produce soldering torches, Colibri is considered to be the leader. Its torches are absolutely different from all other products on the market. They are not just ordinary appliances—they are a piece of art. Colibri is famous throughout the world for its fantastic design. Those who have never seen or used any products of this company should definitely explore its line of soldering torches at Westside Wholesale.

For about a hundred years Colibri has been creating perfect accessories. Launched in 1928, the company started with manufacturing the most elegant lighters ever. Today, they are one of leading brands in the market. The irreproachable combination of modern technologies and the latest ideas in design gave this company an opportunity to stand above all others. So the company grew from a tiny workshop into a global famous brand which manufactures jewelry, leather goods, pens and smoking accessories. The goods offered by the company symbolizes just how great its owner is.

Soldering torches such as Syncro and Stiletto make the company proud. Not only are they affordable, their design is very elegant, making it hard for users to believe it’s a torch lighter.

In addition to its perfect design, Colibri products are reliable and durable. Modern technologies have been used to create an all-purpose model that can be used in any case. The company also stands for safety, so the models are child-resistant and include other parts for additional safety.

Westside Wholesale has all the models that can be seen here in stock. Place an order right now, and this ideal appliance will be yours in a few days!

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Colibri Syncro-Black

Colibri Syncro-Black

Colibri Firebird Syncro Torch Lighter - Black

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