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Change your world with Halo LED Downlight Solutions from Westside Wholesale.

No matter your living space, Halo has a diverse selection of downlight lighting options for soffits, porches, kitchens, bathroom, and bedrooms. Increase your energy savings! LED downlights have a life expectancy thousands of hours longer than traditional lighting —with amazing efficiency and with a significant reduction in electricity consumed. Considered to be the great alternative to fluorescent, this type of lighting is available on any kind of budget and will satisfy even the most demanding of requirements.

What Is a Downlight?

A downlight is a recessed ceiling light that casts or throws light downward. Unlike an incandescent light bulb, an LED downlight doesn’t use a filament that will burn out or compared to fluorescent, which contains a phosphorous powder and a gas.

As a homeowner or renter, you know the importance of good lighting for leisure or working from home. If a room has great décor but emits poor lighting, the ambience is off — failing to create the right living atmosphere. Inefficient lighting has ended and there is no better time than to upgrade your house or apartment with new affordable Halo LED downlight fixtures from our online lighting store.

Designed to provide the best lighting effects and wide range of color rendering, a Halo LED downlight will operate for over 50,000 hours and help to save money on utility bills. No more dull shades or poor lighting effect in your house or office.

HALO LED Downlight Benefits

  • Accurate. Smooth, even illumination across the illuminated area
  • Energy Savings. Consumes up to 78% less than incandescent lights
  • Highly efficient. More lumens output. (Lumen is the brightness of light)
  • Environmentally friendly. Less carbon emissions in electricity consumed
  • Longer Life Span. Resulting in less maintenance expense and yearly cost.
  • Less Heat. Produce little heat which doesn’t compromise room temperature
  • Colors. Different lighting colors to create the look and feel you want.

Whether you're a lighting contractor, homeowner, or renter you can lock in savings with our buyer purchase programs. Start today.

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How to Select

How to select LED Downlights

With the diverse selection of LED downlights on the market today, creating the ambiance of your dreams is easier than ever. The greatest thing about such type of lights, apart from the functionality and convenience that they offer, is the ability to install them in either IC or non-IC rated locations. To know what type of LED downlight will suit your location, follow the buyer’s guide that we have prepared for you.

The most important detail to pay attention to when selecting LED downlight is wattage. Because the LED technology is well known for its amazing energy saving features, any lighting fixture that uses LED light bulbs spends low amount of energy. However, since downlights are mostly used in decoration purposes, it is good to know how much energy they will use. For example, where a conventional downlight uses 50 or 60 Watt, a LED downlight only spends 5 or 6 Watt.

The next important factor to consider when selecting a downlight for your house is its brightness. Since such type of lighting is all about the atmosphere, brightness of a particular fixture is essential in creating the lighting ambiance that you need. The brightness of a LED light is measured in Lumens. What Lumens show is the amount of light that can illuminate one square foot of the area. If you are looking for LED downlights with warmer color, look for light bulbs with lower lumen index and vice versa.

The light that comes from a LED downlight is usually shaped in beams. This is why you need to consider the beam spread of a lighting fixture before selecting any of such devices. Beam spread is the angle of light that will come from your future LED downlight. The common beam spread value for standard ceilings with a height not more than 3 meters is 60 degrees. However, since the downlight fixtures are seldom used as the main lighting source of the room and are instead widely installed in decoration purposes, you need to look for devices with smaller beam spread value.

The color of the light is another important factor to consider. The color options that are offered today can vary from warm to cool white. For a LED downlight that is used as a backlight for interior or landscape applications a cooler scale is more suitable. In other cases, for example, to create a romantic atmosphere in the room, look for LED downlights with warmer color.

When all of the major details of your future LED downlight are specified, you might want to consider the last factor – the price of such device. Devices that use LED technology are more expensive than the same conventional fixtures, but your return on investment will be reached within the first month of usage.