Heater with Vent Fan

Westside Wholesale offers Heaters that come equipped with Vent Fans that combine most useful bathroom fixtures in a single unit. Such devices provide proper lighting, ventilation and heating while showing minimal energy usage, which helps you save money on energy bills. In other words, a heater with a Vent Fan may become the first and last fixture you will ever buy for your bathroom, kitchen or other room that requires special maintenance.

The devices presented in this section have the following features: a modern grille design with rust proof paint, enclosed condenser motor with super quiet operation, bright lighting with a nightlight capacity, a powerful heater with an exclusive design, a polymeric damper that eliminates mechanical noise in addition to an innovative design that offers simple installation.

A quality Heater with a Vent Fan can help reduce excessive moisture in a room, filling it with heat in no time. This allows for an improved comfortable atmosphere that protects the walls, furniture and household elements from mold. With a properly heated room you’ll no longer suffer from the cold or feel chilled during the winter. In addition, you’ll be able to save significant amount of money on electricity bills, since Heaters with Vent Fans offered at Westside Wholesale are ENERGY STAR qualified and use less energy than conventional heaters.

The devices for sale include Panasonic bathroom fans with heat and light options for 4” and 6” diameter ducts, Nutone bathroom fans with one- and two-bulb lamp heaters and low profile ventilation fans with heaters from both brands. Such a wide selection of units can help you choose the perfect device to fit the needs of your house and, in particular, that room that always seems to stay cold. The most important feature of Heaters with Vent Fans is their ability to instantly fill the place with heat, which enhances comfort, creates warm ambiance in a room and helps you relax after a long day at work.

Westside Wholesale aims to provide its customers with best heating options possible which is why we offer reasonable prices for every item presented in the store.

Nutone QTXN110HL

Nutone QTXN110HL

Nutone Super Quiet Bathroom Fan w/ Heater, Light, NightLight

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as low as: $227.84

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How to Select

How to select a Heater with Vent Fan

Installing a heating device in a room helps to make it warmer and more comfortable. Space heaters become your best friends during the winter months, which is why it’s important to ensure that you have them installed before the first frost. This guide will help you select a perfect heater with vent fan for every room of your house.

The first thing you should know about heaters with fans is that they distribute the flow of hot air and make the area warmer in less time than any other heaters do. This means that if there’s a room in your house that is always cold no matter what you do, equipping it with such heater may be your solution.

To select a perfect heater to fit your needs, you have to specify what such needs are. If you are looking for a supplementary heating source for the room, look for compact and not very powerful devices. However, if you are planning to use the heater with vent fan as a primary heating source, you better select a device with enough power to heat the entire area of the room.

How do I know a heater with what power to select?

To know this value, you have to calculate the square area of your room and then find out what CFM rating corresponds to such value. CFM rating shows how much air a blower of the device will produce for a cubic meter. For example, a heater with 50 CFM rating would be perfect for a room with 45-50 square feet area.

Next factor to consider when selecting a heater with fan is its installation. Ensure you have all of the necessary tools to install such device and that it is compatible with the existent ventilation system of your house.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the noise level of a heater. This factor may not matter if you want to install this device in a hallway or a living room. However, a loud heater will make your life unbearable if it is installed in a bedroom or a nursery.

In addition to the factors that are described above, ensure that your future heater has convenient control options and various modes of operation to offer. When you can select from various speeds and temperature modes, you can create a perfect environment for a particular room.

Since the primary purpose of a heater is providing the room with warmth, its design is the last factor everyone pays attention to. Ignoring the design of your future heater with vent fan may not be the right decision. Remember that such device can become a stylish addition to the existent décor of the room; all you have to do is select the color option that will match the wall’s décor.