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Air Conditioning & Heat

Offered at Westside Wholesale this portable 4 in 1 unit provides its owners with versatile heating and air conditioning options. Such an Air Conditioning & Heat device doesn’t use much space or energy, is easy to control and transport and may become handy in any time of the year.

This Air Conditioning & Heat unit has following features to offer:

  • 4 in 1 option that allows choosing from heat pump, fan, air conditioner and dehumidifier;
  • fully adjustable thermostat with 64 to 90 degrees range;
  • Evaporative technology that spares you from the need to empty buckets with liquid (excess condensation is vented outdoors);
  • WaveFlo oscillating vents of the fan that provide quiet operation;
  • built-in timer capable of remembering preset settings and restart the AC unit in case the power from the line is interrupted;
  • remote setting controls.

As you can see, such amazing device can make your life easier and more comfortable throughout the year. Heating option fills the room with warmth and transforms it into comfortable and relaxing place. Air conditioner can save people from summer heat when other devices are unavailable or not working. Dehumidifier option can be used to help get rid of excessive moisture and vapor in rooms where it can lead to property damage. Along with fan, dehumidifier may be used in bathrooms and kitchens to prevent the damp and moisture from ruining walls or applications. Air Conditioning & Heat unit is also helpful in rooms that are always cold and damp no matter what you do.

The Dual Motor used in this unit is energy efficient, which means you’ll be spending less energy while heating or conditioning the place. LCD multi-color display offers simple controls any member of the family will be able to comprehend.

Since Westside Wholesale aims to provide its customers with cost-efficient and reliable heating/air conditioning solutions, it offers additional discounts on devices sold in this section. Besides, you get manufacturer’s warranty and fast shipping on every order you place.

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