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Ceiling Fan Downrods

Ceiling fan downrods are useful parts for those who have high ceilings. A downrod will give the opportunity to extend the length from the ceiling to the fan.

The only manufacturer here is Nutone. Broan-NuTone LLC produces fans since 1932 under Nutone brand. Now this brand holds major positions in ceiling fans and provides thousand of family with qualitative appliances every year.

There is a wide range of downrods to suit every fan and interior. These accessories vary in finishes, and any look for the room can be created. One can choose from such colors as white, polished brass, weathered bronze, oil rubbed bronze, barbeque black, brown, brushed steel.

The size also differs. Nutone downrods can be 12-inch, 18-inch, 24-inch, 36-inch and even 48-inch. So there is a model for any case, choose what is needed for a certain room. Most of the downrods are for indoor usage but there are about 10 units that can be used outdoors.

Downroads efficiently solve the problem of high ceilings. Available in up to five lengths it ensures proper ventilation and air recirculation. It is useful in both cold and hot climates. When the weather is hot, downrod helps to bring the breeze lower, so it is stronger and colder. In this case the money is saved and the bills for the electricity are reduced. For the cold weather, fans work on a low speed to help the ceiling heat recirculate. Choosing the right length of the downrod gives the opportunity to feel warmer at the same temperature. In addition to this, everyone stays comfortable when a room is well ventilated.

All the models are famous for the durability. Nutone downrods will create a finished look of the interior and provide years of beauty.

The price for the Nutone downrods at Westside Wholesale is probably the lowest on the market. It varies from $20 to $40. It is obviously not much to maximize the usefulness and efficiency of the fan. Downrods are better to be bought with the fan itself to set it at once on the proper height for a certain room.

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Nutone DR36WH

Nutone DR36WH

Nutone 36" Ceiling Fan Downrod, Indoor - White

Our Price: $27.99
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How to Select

How to select Ceiling Fan Downrods

When you have purchased a fan for your room, but its ceiling is higher than you have calculated, a ceiling fan downrod can help you install the device right above the area that requires cooling. However, the process of selecting a perfect downrod for your ceiling fan may be as difficult as selecting the device itself. To help you with that, we have prepared a simple guide with useful tips and advice.

A key factor in selecting a perfect downrod is specifying its length—which only depends on the ceiling’s height. The safety requirements of most states say that the blades of your ceiling fan should be at least 7 feet away from the ground. Following this rule will help you calculate the length of the downrod. An 18-inch downrod is perfect to be installed for ceilings with 11-foot ceiling height. The higher the ceiling is, the longer the downrod should be. Standard ceilings are 7 or 8 foot tall and don’t require any additional downrod apart from the one that comes with the fan.

The next step in selecting a perfect downrod for your ceiling fan is selecting the finish that will match both fan and walls’ décor. A downrod of a different color option will strike the eye of every person entering the room. Not only that, such small detail may ruin the décor of the entire room and that is something every homeowner wants to avoid. If you can’t find the downrod to match the fan and walls, select the option that fits the ceiling height and paint it.

Now, you need to consider installation. You have to specify the installation type right away and ensure both fan and ceiling ends match the downrod’s connection. Moreover, if you are planning to install more than one downrod for a single fan, in case the room has an unusually high ceiling, you need to ensure they are threaded at least on one of the ends. This is required for safety precautions to ensure the fan doesn’t fall and brake someone’s skull.

Installing a standard ceiling fan with a standard downrod may be easily done on your own. For more complex installations, for example, when a fan requires more than one downrod, you may want to assign such job to the professionals. Not only will they install a fan faster than you, they will also do it in compliance with the safety standards and requirements. With that said, if you are not sure what downrod to select and how to install it, don’t hesitate to ask a certified professional to help you.