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Nutone LK50DWH

Nutone LK50DWH

Nutone Fan, Outdoor Ceiling Fan Light Kit with Opaque White Glass - White Trim

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How to Select

How to select Ceiling Fan Light Kits

A ceiling fan is a useful device when it comes to cooling a room during hot summer days. A light installed in the fan can help make such device more useful. To select a light kit for your ceiling fan you need to know the exact type of such device and whether it is compatible with the fan. The easiest way is to purchase a light fixture from the same manufacturer but oftentimes this isn’t an option. If you follow the simple guidelines from this article you will find a perfect light kit for your ceiling fan.

The first thing you need to do when selecting a lighting fixture for a ceiling fan is specify the type of light you need. This may be a fixture with one or more light bulbs, depending on your personal preferences. Since most ceiling fans come equipped with a center cap that allows you to install additional features, you will only need to remove it and place in the light kit. In addition to that, when selecting a light kit for your ceiling fan, ensure that it has all of the necessary wires and controls. It would be really difficult to look for a missing wire once you start the installation process.

A light control is the detail that should be specified before you commit to buying the device. Your future ceiling fan light can be equipped with a remote control, have a switch installed on the wall or a chain coming directly from the device. If you install your fan above a table or the area where it is accessible, a chain may become the perfect control option. For other cases, especially when you have high ceilings and the devices are installed in hard to reach areas, remote fan and light controls are the only options.

When the light type and controls are specified, it is time to move to the last factor – design. The primary purpose of a light kit is, of course, creating a desirable lighting environment in the room. However, it can also add style and sophistication to the existent decor of your home. Bear in mind that ceiling lights should be made from durable and easy to clean materials. That way such device will serve you for many years to come.

Now that you’ve selected the perfect light kit for your needs you might be wondering how you install it. Well, most kits that are offered today come equipped with all of the necessary mounting accessories and instructions. In case your fan and light doesn’t require a complicated installation, you can do it yourself. Otherwise, ask a certified professional to help you.