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How to Select

How to select Lamp Heaters

A lamp heater is a device that uses infrared elements to heat the air. Since there are hundreds of options on the market today, selecting a suitable heater can become very difficult. This simple guide will help you know what essential features to look for when selecting a lamp heater.

First of all, you should specify the type of the device you need. There are two main types of modern lamp heaters: high-wattage devices and those that can be used for small rooms and other such areas. The first type is usually used to heat large rooms, such as living or dining halls, bedrooms and oftentimes offices. Smaller lamp heaters are faster and easier to install and can be used for all kinds of smaller areas, including patios and bathrooms.

The heating radius or the device’s wattage is also a factor that also needs to be considered. You should pay attention to the maximum capacity of the device and the maximum area it can heat. If you need to heat a very large room, better select two less powerful heaters instead of one device. That way the room will receive an even amount of warm air and the heaters will use less energy while operating.

When the main features of your future lamp heater are specified, don’t forget about its safety. Look for a device that is at least equipped with an automatic shut-down switch. This switch will ensure the heater won’t be working when the temperature comes beyond the programmed value. Moreover, a temperature-resistant material is a must have feature for every lamp heater that you consider buying. The safe operation of any heating device that you purchase for your house is guaranteed if its installed correctly. To be sure all of the wires are connected correctly, entrust the installation to a professional.

Heater control options are very important in terms of creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment in your house. If you need to show extra effort and spend additional time to control such device, you might not be satisfied with its heating. Ensure your lamp fan is equipped with easy to operate controls that can be used by every person that lives in the house.

The life of a light bulb that is installed in the heater will determine the life of the entire device. With that said, select the devices with a bulb that provides at least 30.000 to 50.000 hours of operation. Furthermore, don’t forget about warranty and price. The most expensive lamp heater isn’t necessarily the best and more powerful one.