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LG Thermostat, Multi-V Wired 7-Day Programmable - White

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How to Select

to select Ductless Installation Supplies

Installing a ductless air-conditioning or other type of system in a house is much easier and cheaper than a duct system. With countless accessories and devices on the market today, the process of selecting proper ductless supplies for your home becomes really difficult. This simple guide will help you know what factors to consider in order to find ductless installation supplies to fit your needs.

First of all, you need to specify the purpose of an accessory and what do you need it for. Since there are hundreds of types of such accessories, starting with mounting brakes and ending with programmable thermostats, ensure you know what you are looking for. For example, if you already have an automatic thermostat and need to connect it with your air-conditioner, you will have to look for a receiver and mounting wires if such supplies were not included in the kit.

Various types of line set covers will help you hide all of the tubing that comes from the device and is fixed on the wall or ceiling. Such supplies usually come in white color but if the walls of your house do not look good with white, ensure you select the covers of a different color option.

Ceiling cassettes for ductless air-conditioners are also the supplies you might want to install in the room. Such items help distribute the flow of cool air around the room evenly and in addition to that disguise the inner parts of the air-conditioner.

The most important factor to consider when looking for the ductless installation supplies is their compatibility with the existent devices in your system. Before buying any type of ductless supply, ensure it will match the output of the device and other accessories that may be required during installation.

Durability and resistance are also key factors of any ductless supply. In order to provide you with proper air-conditioning features, all parts of your system have to be installed correctly. Moreover, they should be resistant to water, high temperature and pressure.

How do you know what type of installation supply you need?

When buying an air-conditioning device, you know which installation kits are included in the package and which aren’t. The supplies that are usually sold separately are the tubes and hoses. This happens because there isn’t a single manufacturer that can predict a tube of what length you will need during installation process.

How to know the supplies are compatible with the device?

This step simple, you measure the diameters of the inner tubes of the device and then compare them with the diameters of the accessories you are willing to buy.