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How to select Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers may become the best option to cool the air during hot summer months if you live in a climate area with low humidity. The best feature of such device is its ability to use liquid to cool the place of your choice. When facing the necessity of selecting an evaporative cooler, hundreds of unanswered questions arise. We will try and answer the most important questions; those that will help you find a perfect option to satisfy your needs.

You may wonder what the difference between a cooler and an air-conditioner is. Well, the main difference between such devices lies in their operation technology. While air-conditioners take air from the atmosphere and recirculate it, leaving no useful elements in it, a cooler makes the air fresher and generally healthier while also keeping it cool.

So how do you select a perfect cooler? The first thing you need to consider when choosing an evaporative cooler is its capacity and the area it is required to cool. Such device’s capacity is rated by the cubic feet per meter, meaning the amount of fresh air it will provide for a particular area with a particular temperature. The devices that exist on today’s market have a capacity ranging from 3000 to 25000 cfm. In order to select the perfect device for your particular room, you need to calculate the area that requires cooling, its temperature and the relative humidity index. Bear in mind that there’s no need to buy a more powerful device if you only need it for a single room. It will not make the room cooler and you will only spend extra money on your energy bills.

When you have calculated the area of the room and the cooler’s capacity, you should consider the next factor, which is installation. The models of evaporative coolers that exist today can be installed in a central duct system of the house or in a location that doesn’t have any duct exits. There also exist small portable devices that can be placed in every room of the house depending on your needs.

When a cooler is installed into a duct system, it can blow the cool air in multiple directions, providing many rooms with cool air. Such installation is suitable for larger houses with lots of staircases and hallways. When all of the rooms in a house are connected with each other, you can select the type of an evaporative cooler that can be installed in a central location of the house. This will help you save money and spare you from the necessity of performing additional mounting work.

After you know the capacity and installation type of your cooler, you may wonder how much money you should spend on such device. Our tip is to consider all of the additional features that your future evaporative cooler offers and whether you need them or not.

In general, evaporative coolers are almost twice as cheap as air-conditioners. But you can only install them in a place with low humidity, since they only offer moderate cooling options within the area of your house. Not only that, such devices require additional maintenance if compared with air-conditioners but still help you save more money and energy in a long run.