Duct Adaptors

Air-handling units installed in a building, office or house are used in conjunction with flexible duct and heating/cooling devices will provide correct air circulation inside the premises. That is why it is important to make sure all components of such system are properly connected with each other. Offered at Westside Wholesale selection of Duct Adaptors will suit the needs of most complex systems by providing air flow distribution in every required direction.

Since air-handling systems are sometimes the only source of fresh air in the building, it is crucially important to select the most reliable high quality duct tubes and adaptors. Duct Adaptors for sale include metal reducers, adjustable metal elbows, secondary lint traps and Y-sheet adaptors for various combinations of most common duct diameters (4”, 6” and 8”). With that said, you will definitely find an option to fit your needs.

Westside Wholesale only offers high quality items, so every Duct Adaptor you select is manufactured from galvanized sheet metal. Such material is solid and highly resistant to environmental pollutants and thus is long lasting. In addition, galvanized metal is insensitive to significant temperature variations, that is why it is perfect to be used in connecting both cooling and heating air applications. Duct Adaptors offered in this section of the store and combined with flexible duct also bought at Westside Wholesale provide perfect thermal protection for the ceiling and walls of your house or office.

Purchasing Duct Adaptors from Westside Wholesale online store has many advantages. First of all, you are able to select the perfect items to meet your construction needs without the necessity to leave the house and drive to the nearest hardware store. Secondly, Westside Wholesale provides you with affordable prices and gives the opportunity to receive additional discounts and free shipping on bundle items. And last, but not least, each Duct Adaptor you select has manufacturer’s warranty and is UL certified.

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How to Select

How to select Duct Adaptors

To provide correct air circulation for your house, office or other building, you need to install a ventilation system. Such system usually consists of flex ducting, cooling or heating devices and various types of adaptors that connect all of the parts together. When selecting the duct adaptors, many factors should be considered. This guide will help you pay attention to the most important factors and select the perfect adaptors for your duct system.

The first thing is to specify the details that you need. This step is very simple. If you are looking for duct adapters, you already know what items you need for the flex duct installation. Adjustable elbows, reducers, increasers, fan traps and various Y-type adapters are the most common types of duct fittings. Such accessories help you easily connect flex ducting of different sizes and diameters in addition to offering durable and highly resistant performance.

The quality of the material that duct adaptors are made from is a number one factor to pay attention to. You need to ensure that you buy such items from a brand that has a good reputation on the market. The reason is simple – you don’t want to spend additional time and money to replace the duct accessories that had a very attractive low price and were bought in attempt to save money. Never let the price factor make the decision for you. Remember that a cheap duct accessory or any application and device that you buy for your ventilation system may and will turn into additional spending in the future.

The most common duct diameters are 4, 6 and 8 inches. This is why every store offers wide selection of adaptors of such diameters. If you need to connect elements of a larger diameter and can’t seem to find the right adaptor, look for a reducer that has a necessary diameter from one end. This trick will help you save your time and possibly money.

Bear in mind that most duct adapters are made from galvanized metal. Such material offers the best resistance to harsh environments and often temperature changes in addition to flexibility and easy installation. Moreover, duct adaptors that are made from galvanized metal are much cheaper but offer the same features that other types of adaptors do. In addition to that, since galvanized metal is the safest and least toxic material, metal duct adaptors are commonly used in residential and commercial buildings. So if you are looking for a perfect duct adaptor for your home, select the items that are offered in this section of Westside Wholesale.