Fantech Duct Couplers

Not a single duct work has ever been properly installed without Duct Couplers and other connectors. Westside Wholesale offers wide selection of Duct Couplers with various configurations and features to make sure each customer finds items to fit the constructing needs of his ventilation system.

With circuit duct reducer you’ll be able to connect duct elements of different diameters and both increase and decrease the duct size depending on the configuration of your system. Needless to say that every item in this section is made from galvanized sheet metal, which is considered to be the best possible material to be used in duct lines. Such material has high durability index and is able to endure harsh environments and often temperature changes. In addition, devices and items made from galvanized sheet metal are easy to mount and maintain, that is why Westside Wholesale offers Duct Couplers and other adaptors made from this specific material.

Westside Wholesale’s Duct Couplers are meant to be used for uniting separate duct lines and transforming them into one connected system. Various dimensions and specifications are offered to help you find the perfect option for your system. Duct Couplers offered in this section are made to fit standard ducting and are able to distribute air flow in preset directions. Easy and quick installation to existent ducting is obtained with the help of noise reduction clamps or standard ring clamps that are also offered at Westside Wholesale.

When faced with the need of finding high quality fittings for your ducting work, Westside Wholesale has a large collection of items to select from. Each coupler, reducer, increaser or other fitting you see in this section has reasonable prices that any average family would be able to afford. This, along with fast shipping and additional discounts on bundle items, lets each customer save money and precious time when ordering Duct Couplers. Also, you don’t even need to leave your house to order the fittings you need since it can be done via any computer or smartphone.

Fantech CKR64

Fantech CKR64

Fantech 4" x 6" Duct Coupler

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as low as: $15.87

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How to Select

How to select Duct Couplers

Duct couplers are often purchased at the last minute, when all other elements of the ventilation system have been installed. Because of this factor, people tend to purchase whatever they can find or whatever is left in stock. The guide that we have prepared will help you select the best couplers for your system.

The first thing you will need to do is check the requirements of applications that need to be connected. Since couplings are used to connect ducting or devices of different sizes, you need to ensure that you select the coupling that will fit them both. If some of the applications in your system have an unusual diameter and you can’t seem to find a coupler that will fit it, there’s a trick you can use. It is always possible to apply two couplings instead of one to reach the size that you need.

The next step in selecting a duct coupler is to specify the design that will fit your needs the most. Because there are certain limitations and rules applied to duct coupler’s installation, find out what they are and whether the coupler that you select will comply with such rules. This step is easier to complete than you think—simply read the instructions that are listed in the coupling’s description.

Finally, don’t forget to pay attention to special requirements and additional features of a coupler. For example, it can be equipped with a duct guard or a damper from one end or require additional mounting brackets during installation. Such features depend on the mounting location and your personal preferences.

After all of the factors are considered, you may still have some unanswered questions. Here are the most important ones:

What material should a duct coupler be made from?

Galvanized steel or sheet metal is the best material to use for all duct applications and fittings. The reason to that is its exceptional resistance to pressure, moisture, temperature and dirt. In addition to that, galvanized steel offers flexibility and can take any form you want.

How much money will I spend for duct couplers?

The answer to this question varies for every ventilation system. If you have a small house and only require few couplers you will spend significantly less money than someone who is buying duct supplies for an office building. In addition to that, the higher is the quality of a duct coupler the higher is its price. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that cheaper items have lower quality. Some of the top brands offer duct supplies for every price range.