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Westside Wholesale aims to provide its customers with best possible products for creating safe and reliable ducting system in their homes, offices or stores. What modern duct work doesn’t have a specifically designed guard to prevent dirt and unwanted objects from getting into the system? Offered at Westside Wholesale Duct Guards are designed to be used with 4”, 6” and 8” diameter inlets and can be installed in both commercial and residential buildings.

Such devices offer first stage protection for each ventilation system by preventing dirt and debris from getting inside metal duct work. Not only are these items useful during installation, they also provide initial protection of flexible duct and other elements of the future system during transportation. Since nobody likes to spend precious time on cleaning the dirt from the duct work, it is easier and more efficient to prevent mud and loose objects from getting inside in the first place.

Offered at Westside Wholesale, Duct Guards are manufactured from zinc chromate plated steel. This means such products have enhanced durability and higher resistance to pollutants that come from the environment. It also means you don’t have to worry about Duct Guard’s preservation since it will last long enough to protect air inlets from dirt.

Installing such small devices in your duct line will spare it from damage that may come from loose objects accidently sucked in the ventilation system of your home. Such damage may lead to serious consequences, including replacing major elements of the system with new, undamaged ones. By taking precautious measures and installing Duct Inlet Guards in your duct work, you ensure the long life of your ventilation system and save money that would otherwise be spent on repair work.

Westside Wholesale offers high quality Wire Coil Inlet Guards of various diameters to make sure its customers get the best options to install in their duct lines. Affordable prices and fast shipping are yet other advantages of ordering such products from Westside Wholesale.

Fantech IG4

Fantech IG4

Fantech 4" Wire Coil Duct Inlet Guard

Our Price: $5.23

How to Select

How to select Duct Guard

Duct Guard is part of the ventilation supplies that helps to protect the system from loose objects, dirt and debris. Equipping your duct work with such accessory will ensure its safety and correct operation. The following guide will help you select the perfect duct guard to fit your needs.

The first and most important factor to consider when selecting a duct guard is its size. If such item is too small for the flexible ducting, it won’t stop dangerous objects on their way to ventilation applications. This will result in their damage and possible reparations or even replacements. A larger guard, on the other hand, won’t simply fit into the duct work. To know the duct guard of which size you need, measure the diameter of your duct work. The most common guards are compatible with 4”, 6” or 8” diameter inlets.

The next factor to consider is the size of holes on the guard. The smaller such holes are the less dirt and loose objects will get into the system. However, be careful not to select the guard with the tiniest net. The only thing it will do is slow the air flow, which will result in reinforced operation of fans and other applications.

The material from which the guard is made is something to pay closer attention to. It needs to be temperature, pressure and water resistant to feature long-lasting operation. If your future duct guard is made from ordinary steel, it will soon be covered in rust and will need a replacement. To protect yourself from replacing the guard often, select the item that is made from zinc chromate plated steel. Such covering was designed to withstand harsh environments. In addition to that, zinc chromate plated steel is stronger and more durable.

When you have specified the diameter of your duct guard and the size of its holes, it is time to select the installation option. It all depends on where you want to install it and what applications will such guard protect. The principal locations for duct guard installation are the system’s inlets. In order to double the protection, you can install the guard on outlets as well. This will ensure that no loose objects will escape from the system to damage the applications.

After considering all of the factors you may still have some questions about the duct guard. For example, is it possible to install a guard with the already existing system? In order to do that, you will need to free up the access to the inlet or outlet of the system, and ensure that you have all of the necessary mounting equipment to fix the guard.