Duct Silencers

Offered at Westside Wholesale, Duct Silencers provide simple and cost efficient solutions for residential and commercial duct work. The main feature of such devices is their ability to reduce unwanted noise that comes from the ducting system for up to 50%. Options for sale include duct silencers of 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” diameters that are made from high quality galvanized steel.

Westside Wholesale’s collection of Duct Silencers helps reduce sound levels coming from ventilation and other similar applications. There are rooms in every building where noise becomes a real concern for the inhabitants because of the discomfort it brings. Installing a Duct Silencer in the ventilation of such room helps reduce noise levels coming from forced air when a certain device, like bathroom or kitchen fan, is turned on. Galvanized steel, from which every Duct Silencer in this category is made, offers better protection from environment and provides long life of such devices.

Effective noise reduction is obtained by specifically designed engineering products that make sure you won’t have to deal with loud ventilation in your home again. This great feature makes Duct Silencers offered at Westside Wholesale perfect sound attenuators for your kitchen, bathroom or other room where a silent environment is so much desired. Wide selection of Duct Silencers and their various specifications will meet the requirements of any system and application in it. Aside from their sound reducing capacities, such devices can be incorporated into existing construction or system thanks to their easily mounted design.

Westside Wholesale provides its customers with best solutions for creating comfortable and safe environment in their houses, offices, stores and other constructions. That is why every Duct Silencer you see in this section comes from industries’ best manufacturers and has reasonable prices any average family would be able to afford. In addition, Westside Wholesale presents extra discounts for items purchased in a bundle.

Fantech LD6

Fantech LD6

Fantech 6" Duct Silencer

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How to Select

How to select Duct Silencers

A duct silencer is one of the most useful devices that you could ever install in your ventilation system. Not only will it ensure the adequate sound of all working applications, it will provide efficient operation for many years to come.

The first step in selecting a perfect duct silencer is to determine the noise level and the amount of noise reduction you might need. The noise is reduced from the system by adding resistance to the airflow. The maximum amount of resistance is also a factor that you should specify before buying the device. If your system can’t handle new airflow it will fail and you will need to spend hundreds of dollars on to repair it. The value of the total CFM will help you make the right decision. Maximum static pressure drop is other important factor that requires your attention. This is the resistance value that we were talking about earlier.

To install a duct silencer into the existent ventilation system you need to know the dimensions of duct work and fan outputs. Since a silencer usually connects to a fan application, it is important to ensure that both of them have all of the necessary mounting fittings and accessories. It’s also important not to forget about the maximum length of the silencer and for it not to exceed the allowable level. Remember that restrictions are made for your own safety.

The material of a duct silencer doesn’t play an important role in its correct operation. Most modern compact silencers are made from galvanized steel and this is not a coincidence. First of all, such material perfectly fits all flexible ducting and provides long lasting and reliable connections. Secondly, when used in duct silencers, galvanized steel reduces sound level and helps you increase the comfort in your house by eliminating all of the unnecessary sounds from the ventilation system.

Knowing all of the characteristics that are listed above will help you find a perfect duct silencer in no time. Even still, it is likely that you will still have some questions and for this reason we have included answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How will I know that the duct silencer is compatible with my system?

To know this you need to measure the diameter of the flexible duct and the fan that will be connected to the silencer and compare them. If they match, there is nothing to worry about.

How much does a duct silencer cost?

It all depends on the type and brand of such device. There are numerous manufacturers that offer high quality items with affordable pricing and warranty. You should definitely look for such duct silencers rather than selecting the option with the lowest price.