Duct Tape

Duct Tape is the most versatile tool, one that can be used to meet the installation needs of all types of buildings. The duct tape offered at Westside Wholesale provides numerous features that can make your life easier. For example, such material is made from high quality polypropylene, allowing it to be easily torn by hand. It also meets the UL standards and is featured in a 2" x 120 yard roll, which is twice the length of any standard cloth tape. In addition, the Duct Tape offered at Westside Wholesale provides exceptional performance in environments where temperature varies from -35° F to 260° F.

The main difference between duct tape made from standard cloth tape lies in its waterproof features. Such material offers better adhesion and has a longer life cycle, which is yet another advantage you’ll be able to benefit from. Because acrylic adhesive doesn’t dry out, it can meet the installation requirements of flexible duct and other similar equipment.

Duct Tape can serve for quick repairs and fixes around the house, to hold together any damaged furniture, as temporary patch up job for your vehicle to cover the signs of an accident, as storm protection to hold together window’s glass, to wrap punctures in household appliances and even as a first aid bandage for an open wound. As you can see, Duct Tape is truly a irreplaceable instrument that any house or apartment should have. If you're still not convinced, here is the most amazing fact about this material--duct tape was used by the NASA astronauts of Apollo 13 to repair their shuttle in order to get back to Earth.

Since almost all major building codes require this material during construction work or installation process of various equipment, Westside Wholesale’s collection of Duct Tape can suit the needs of most demanding customers. Our store aims to offer items of highest quality from leading brands while providing affordable prices and great customer service. When ordering Duct Tape in a bundle with other items, you have the opportunity to receive up to 10% additional discount and free same day shipping.

Hart & Cooley UL-181B-FX (11372)

Hart & Cooley UL-181B-FX (11372)

Hart & Cooley Flexible Duct Tape - Silver, 2" x 120 YDS

Our Price: $12.22

How to Select

How to select Duct Tape

Duct tape is something we all use around the house or office from time to time. This is the perfect supply when you need to repair some item or device, install a duct application or simply paste something together. While we know what a duct tape is and what to do with it, not all of us know what factors to consider when selecting a duct tape to fit the HVAC system’s requirements. This guide will help you pay attention to the factors that are oftentimes forgotten but help create better duct connections.

First and the most important factor is compatibility with the flexible duct and applications that are installed in the system. To know if the tape that you select is compatible with your system’s applications, find out in its description what the terms of its installation are. For installation in environments with high temperature and increased moisture, ensure that the tape you are willing to buy will provide the same functioning as in usual conditions. In addition to that, see that it meets the duct installation requirements.

Next factors to consider when selecting duct tape are its durability and resistance. In order for your HVAC system to operate correctly, all of its parts and devices should be properly installed. Duct tape is one of the few duct mounting supplies that will help you with most complicated installation. In can be used with flexible duct, HVAC diffusers, registers, dampers, decorative grilles and plates. If you are willing to use tape to secure the insulation layer on the duct, ensure that it can be used in high humidity and not to dry out after few water drops.

Easy installation is oftentimes the most important feature of the tape. Ensure that you can tear it by hand and that such process doesn’t require much time or effort. When you are in the middle of performing some duct installation work, one of your hands can be occupied. If a tape can’t be piled by one hand and there is no one around to help you, you may need to start the installation process all over again because of such small supply.

Length and width of the tape are also the factors to consider. Wider tape is oftentimes used with industrial and commercial ventilation when a type of a smaller width is perfect for residential installations. The longer is the footage of the tape that you select the more time you will need to use it all. Besides, bigger duct tape kits are oftentimes better to purchase because of their low price.