Flexible Duct

Hart & Cooley F214 12x25 (51042)

Hart & Cooley F214 12x25 (51042)

Hart & Cooley R4.2 Metalized Jacket Insulated Flexible Air Duct with 2-Ply Black Polyester Core - 12" x 25'

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How to Select

How to select Flexible Duct

To ensure the air has enough space to flow through the ventilation system of your house, installation of a flexible duct is required. This ventilation supply is essential part of any duct system of residential and industrial buildings. Westside Wholesale has prepared this simple guide to help you select the flexible duct that will fit the applications and fittings of your system.

The first thing that you need to know about the flexible duct is that it eliminates the amount of elbows in the ventilation system, making it more efficient. When there are less angles and turns for the air flow to cover, it gets into the room faster. Not only that, it needs less force to flow through the system which means your cooling or heating devices will use less energy while operating.

The most common type of the flexible duct is made from polyester material and is covered with the insulated metal. This is done to protect the air from slipping through the duct along the way and is highly appreciated by homeowners during cold times. When selecting flexible duct for your house, see that it has a metalized polyester jacket and is equipped with fiberglass scrim. In addition to amazing flexibility during installation, such duct is microbe-resistant and free of upcharges.

The next thing to consider when selecting a flexible duct is its size. In order to fit into the system, flexible duct needs to be compatible with the diameters of the existent applications and duct fittings. If you are installing a ventilation system from scratch, this step would be easy to follow since you will probably order all of the necessary parts at once. Otherwise, measure the output of any duct adaptor and order the flexible ducting of the same diameter.

Installation is also a very important factor to consider. The less additional accessories a flexible duct needs to be installed in the system the better. This is because when a duct is connected with an adapter or a coupler, unnecessary gaps are created. The more gaps your ventilation system has the more air will flow through them on its way to the room. To ensure that something like that doesn’t happen, calculate the length of your flexible duct carefully and use as less supplies as possible when mounting it.

As for the price of the flexible duct, most of the industry’s top brands provide affordable pricing and warranty for the duct supplies they produce. This means that you won’t have to spend awfully big amount of money to equip your home with proper duct work.