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Fantech RC6

Fantech RC6

Fantech 6" Duct Roof Cap

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How to Select

How to select Roof Caps

A roof cap installed on the roof of a building will help you reduce cooling costs, in addition to providing the house with more fresh air. Besides, such detail can become a decorative addition to the roof itself. Westside Wholesale has prepared this guide to help you pay attention to the most important aspects of a roof cap and select the perfect option for your home.

The first thing to pay attention to when selecting a roof cap is its size and compatibility with the ducting. You need to select the option that has the same diameter that the flexible ducting installed in your system has. Not only that, you need to ensure that a roof cap is possible to install with the ducting of your system.

The next factor to consider is the material from which the roof cap is made. The majority of caps that are on the market today are manufactured from galvanized steel. This is because such material is weather and temperature resistant, and offers simple installation. The design of a roof cap is yet something that plays great role in providing your home with fresh air. It should have a wide exhaust window to let the indoor air leave the house in exchange for fresh air to come in. The size of the cap depends on your system’s specifications.

Remember that all roof caps should be equipped with a grille. The purpose of such grille is to protect the duct system and all of its applications from getting damaged by dirt and large particles that may accidentally fall through the cap. If you want to ensure that no garbage from outside will ever enter into your ventilation system, select a roof cap with the tightest grille.

The easy and fast installation of a roof cap is also the factor to consider. You may prefer it to have all of the mounting accessories in the kit rather than needing to purchase them separately. However, if you already have all of the necessary clamps, you may select a less expensive option and save some money, which never harms anyone.

When all of the factors have been considered and you have found the perfect roof cap for your home, some of the questions may still be unanswered. For example, many of the customers wonder if a bird can get inside the cap and into the ventilation system. Since all of such items are designed with safety in mind, they are protected from any loose objects or small animals from getting inside. You have nothing to worry about because every modern roof cap has a rigid grille that protects the system.