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About Radiant Heat Accessories

Westside Wholesale online store offers a wide selection of innovative high quality radiant heating accessories that will become of great use in any household. The heating accessories in our store are represented by the popular and reputable brands, Warmly Yours and Danfoss. These brand names are associated with warmth and comfort due to the specification of the products they develop and manufacture.

We offer our clients numerous heating accessories by these brands including, but not limited to, programmable thermostats featuring floor sensor, underlayment, installation alarms for heating systems, strapping for floor heating cables, floor heating timers, circuit checks.

Dual voltage programmable thermostats by Warmly Yours feature a sleek elegant design combined with exceptional functionality. The thermostats come equipped with in-floor sensor and were developed to be used with 120 and 240 volt floor heating systems. The products also feature digital display providing the exact floor temperature measurements.

The Cerazorb Underlayment by Warmly Yours we have in stock is available in sheets that will cover up to 8 square feet of floor area. The underlayment is suggested while installing floor heating system on the concrete slab. It can also be installed under stone or tile in case it is placed over any sub floor. The underlayment is cold and heat resistant, it won’t rod or absorb moisture.

We also recommend buying the circuit checks by Warmly Yours that are just great tools ensuring trouble free heating floor installation.

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