HVAC Installation Supplies

At Westside Wholesale online store we believe that HVAC units such as Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning appliances are able to provide homeowners with a significant comfort and healthy airflow supply. The HVAC systems are being highly used in both domestic and commercial property because the ventilation today plays essential role in any construction building. Usually, the HVAC units are being installed by professionals who have expertise in carrying out standard installation procedures in order to maximize the ventilation units use benefits every day. A successful installation of ventilation units requires a number of skills and valuable details such as HVAC Installation Supplies.

While the HVAC assembly requires a number of tools, there are supplies that need no introduction as they play vital role in the ventilation installation process. That is why our popular Westside Wholesale online store offers full spectrum of HVAC installation supplies at really affordable prices.

The HVAC installation supplies include a number of brand Reflectix products such as foil tape (2” and 3”), concrete expansion joint (4” x 50 Ft), double reflective duct insulation spacer (2” x 25 Ft), HVAC Duct Insulation Hard Plastic Corner Spacer, White Poly Tape (3” x 165 Ft), etc.

When it comes to HVAC installation, safety plays essential part. The ventilation system must be installed according to the highest safety measures standards. These standards involve electrical, electronic, mechanical parts to deal with and a professional certified technician must do the best job in order to ensure the superior work of all HVAC units and performing at the best results. We believe that our clients are entitled to have all the options for successful HVAC units installation and we offer the installation supplies at wholesale prices while the shipping costs are reduced as well for fast delivery.

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Reflectix FT35016

Reflectix FT35016

Reflectix Foil Tape - 3" x 150 Ft

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How to Select

How to select HVAC Installation Supplies

Installing a HVAC system, no matter how complicated it may be, requires a lot of precise calculations. In addition to that, connecting flexible duct or installing any heating or cooling application would be impossible without duct tape, insulation foil and mounting brackets. While such supplies need no introduction, considering certain factors before purchasing them will help you select the perfect items to fit your system’s needs.

Let’s start with the types of HVAC installation supplies and their purpose. First and most commonly used is duct tape of any kind. The tape that is used for HVAC installation is made from foil and similar material and offers great binding and isolation features. Since any connection in the ventilation and heating system has gaps that could potentially reduce the air flow and lose the heat, duct tape helps prevent something like that from happening. Moreover, tape can help connect fittings and objects that cannot be installed with usual screws due to system’s requirements or lack of mounting space.

Expansion joint becomes helpful when various connections need to be insulated. It is also a perfect supply to help you mount clamps with the ducting of a smaller diameter or secure the mounting location of any application or device. The greatest features of expansion joint are its durability, sturdiness and resistance to moisture, termite and UV.

Duct insulation is used with duct work that is installed outside the building or around the open areas. What such material does is provide a secured air space between insulation and duct thus making it impossible for cool or warm air to change its temperature. Because of that, HVAC systems that are equipped with insulation supplies provide better air quality. In addition to that, the ventilation, heating or air-conditioning applications spend less energy while operating, which means less money spend on monthly bills.

Duct spacers are some of the most convenient mounting equipment you will ever use with HVAC applications. Such spacers are compatible with most of the fittings and devices and can be installed in just seconds. All you have to do is pile the adhesive backing away and apply the supply to the duct surface. The main purpose of duct spacers is to dispose of the enclosed space that forms between insulation and duct during their installation. The less free space there is in any system; the better is its safety and thermal resistance level.