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Other Fans

If you have not found what you was looking for in any other category, look under this category carefully. The leading manufacturers produce such a wide range of products that some of them are hard to classify. Vornado, Lasko, Holmes and Air King have units that have different purposes and designs.

Vornado has a variety of fans that have similar designs. These are 3-speed air circulators. They are mostly for a whole room. The features differ from model to model, so have a look at the products page to understand what is really needed. An interesting model is Under Cabinet Air Circulator. It is not actually a fan, but it is able to produce fresh air where needed. It has specially designed effective fan blades and unique design. It can be flipped up and down for easy storage.

Air King has a powerful 3-speed Pivoting Utility Blower. It is an ideal appliance for garage or other congested work areas. It can be used to dry carpets, floors, furniture and walls. The model is equipped with 2 grounded outlets. It has power coated steel blade, guards and mounts for corrosion resistance so it is durable and reliable.

Lasko has several oscillating units. They can be wall-mount or stand fans. Fans that are wall-mounted are real problem-solvers for those who lack free space. They have impact-resistant plastic construction and can be used practically everywhere. One more special Lasko model is a Premium Box Fan that has innovative system of protection against weather troubles. There is a patented, isolated weather-shield motor for window use. High performance grill allows maximum air flow. Three speeds provide fresh air effectively and quietly.

Westside Wholesale has all the units mentioned above in stock. This means that the delivery will be as fast as possible. Just make an order right now and enjoy fresh air in a few days. In addition, we offer pleasant prices. All the fans are at wholesale prices and they are probably the lowest on the market. Moreover, to save your money even more we have discounts on some products.

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How to Select

How to select other fans

A fan is one of the most efficient devices because it can help you save heat. The models of various types, sizes and designs that are offered today can help you find the perfect device to install in your home or office. There are also hundreds of portable fans that you can take with you wherever you go. This guide will help you select a perfect fan to fit your needs.

Let’s start with the types of fans that exist today. Now, apart from ceiling, window or duct fans, there are other types offered on the market today such as table fans, portable devices as well as compact air circulators and pivoting utility blowers. Mentioned below are the details and features that you should pay attention to when selecting any type of the fans described below:

Size and capacity. The most important aspect of any fan is its precise operation. To ensure that such device will be able to cool the area of your choice, you need to calculate its capacity. The larger your room is the more powerful device it requires. However, it may be better to install two less powerful fans for more efficient and even air distribution.

Additional features. Remember that more additional features will not necessarily help your fan cool the area faster. When selecting a portable fan or an air circulator, you might want to look for such features as multiple speeds of operation, programmable and easy to use controls, oscillation and automatic switches to shut the device off in case of an emergency.

Safety. No matter how great the power and the price of a fan are, if it is not equipped with protective screens and other safety features, don’t even consider buying it. Since all modern devices are equipped with protective screens and automatic switches, you won’t have to look for them specifically. However, ensuring that a fan that you are willing to buy does have safety features won’t harm you.

Efficiency and compatibility. When selecting a portable fan or a similar device for your room, desk and other areas, see that it is compatible with the power line or other energy source of your house. In addition to that, ensure that you will be able to install the device and that you have all of the necessary accessories and tools to do that.

Design. If you are only interested in cooling feature that a fan can provide, you may skip this step and proceed to buying the device that you have selected. Yet you may want your future fan, regardless of its size and type, match the décor of the room and add some style to it. In this case you should spend some extra minutes and look for a fan of a suitable color option.