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Lasko 6101

Lasko 6101

Lasko Heater, Infrared Quartz w/SaveSmart & Remote Control - Gray

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How to select Other Heaters

The various types of heaters that exist today can help you find the perfect option for every room of your house or office. Portable devices also exists, allowing you take them along for a camping or fishing trip. What you might not know is that some of these heaters are so compact and convenient, allowing you to use them to heat particular parts of the body. Heating mats are great devices, keeping your feet warm and helping you survive those cold days at the office.

The greatest benefit that a heating mat can offer is efficient heating combined with portability and an affordable price. It is a proven fact that when the feet are cold, the body takes longer to warm up. This means that a small mat will help you stay warm and comfortable during working hours.

You may wonder what factors you should consider when selecting a heating mat. This article will help you pay attention to the most important details, ensuring that you make the right decision and choose the perfect option to fit your needs.

The first factor to consider when selecting a heating mat or any similar type of heater is its power. Such devices usually consume a low amount of energy but offer great heating options. Still, you need to ensure that the wattage of the device will fit the wattage of the power line in your house or office.

The size and design follow next. The more compact a heating mat is, the more convenient it is to carry around. You might want to look for a device with an area that will fit both of your feet and will still have some additional space. This is necessary to warm your feet in addition to your lower body.

A soft temperature-resistant covering is a key factor when it comes to creating warm and relaxing environment for you to enjoy. Pay closer attention to this factor and select the device that is both safe and convenient to use.

After you have selected the heating mat to buy, you may still have some unanswered questions about its operation. The answers listed below might help you.

How will I control my heating mat?

Such devices are equipped with an On/Off switch placed near the mat. Their maximum operating temperature is usually programmed and can’t be changed, so you will only have to worry about one switch.

Can I hide the mat so that no one sees it?

Heating mats were developed with comfort and convenience in mind. Since such devices are placed on the floor under the desk, in order to see them a person will need to occupy your chair and sit behind your desk, which will never happen if you won’t allow it. Moreover, when the device is turned off, it looks like an ordinary floor mat.