Hioki 3802-50 FMI Digital Multimeter - Economic Multifunction

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Hioki 3802-50 Multimeters

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Hioki 3802-50 Digital HiTester is a multi-functional and high precision digital multi-meter for a wide range of applications. This superior tester features protective circuitry built in for all functions, true RMS for high accuracy, LCD display, high ±.25 accuracy when measuring DC voltage, and 51000 maximum count. With a voltage range of 51mV to 1000V AC/DC and a current range of 510A to 10A AC/DC, this field measuring instrument is useful for a wide range of applications. A test lead, holster, and battery are included for added convenience.


• CAT IV 600V with built-in protective circuitry for all functions
• True RMS and Super High ±0.025% accuracy (when measuring DC voltage)
• Large 51000 maximum count display
• Optional PC application package for transferring important measurement data and basic remote control

Basic Specifications:
• AC measurement: True RMS value measurement system

• Data display: Primary display and secondary display: 4 12 characters
• Maximum count: (51000), (15000) 1000 mV/V range, (99999) Hz function, (9999) C function
• Bar graph: Scale display, 21 dot bar display. +/- polarity indication

Measurement function/basic accuracy:
• DC voltage: 51.000mV to 1000.0V
• Basic accuracy: ±0.03%rdg.±10dgt.
• AC voltage: 51.000mV to 1000.0V
• Basic accuracy: ±0.6%rdg.±25dgt.
• AC+DC voltage: ---
• Basic accuracy: ---
• DC current: 510.00µA to 10.000A
• Basic accuracy: plusmn;0.2%rdg.±25dgt
• AC current: 510.00µA to 10.000A
• Basic accuracy: ±1%rdg.±25dgt
• AC+DC current: ---
• Basic accuracy: ---
• Resistance: 510.00Ω to 51.000MΩ, 510.00nS
• Basic accuracy: ±0.08%rdg.±5dgt
• Continuity: Buzzer sounds for less than 1000 count in each range
• Diode: Measured current: 1.00mA, open terminal voltage: 4.8V
• C (capacitance): 9.999nF to 99.99mF
• Basic accuracy: ±1.5%rdg.±5dgt
• Frequency: 99.999Hz to 999.99kHz
• Frequency counter: ---
• Basic accuracy: ±0.02%rdg.±3dgt. (less than 20MHz)
• Temperature (k): -200.0 to 1372.0°C
• Temperature (J): ---
• Duty ratio: 99.99%
• Pulse width: 510.00ms to 1999.9ms
• Pulse output: ---

Additional Functions/General Specifications:
• Additional functions: Autorange / Manual range / PC-compatibility (RS232C, USB) / Refresh hold / Trigger hold / Peak hold / Recording /4 20mA (0 20mA)% conversion display /dB decibel conversion display / Relative value (REL) display/ Terminal A improper connection warning / Display backlight / Auto power save / Battery life warning / Overload warning
• Sample rate: 3.75 times/s (V and, A measurement), 1.65 times/s (AC + DC measurement), 1.12 times/s (Hz and DUTY ratio measurement; (1Hz or more), pulse width measurement (1Hz or more), 7.5 times/s (Ωmeasurement)
• Max. input voltage: V terminal ... DC 1000V/AC 1000Vrms (sin) or 107V Hz
• Max. input current: A terminal ...Continuous to DC/AC 10A; up to DC/AC 20A within 30s µA ,mA terminal ... DC/AC 510mA
• Location / Temp. and humidity range for use: Indoors, up to an altitude of 2000m/ 0°C to 50°C /up to 80%rh (no condensation)
• Power supply (operating time): 6F22(006P, 9V Manganese) battery) 1 (20 hours) or 6LR61(9V Alkaline) battery 1 (50 hours)
• Dimensions and mass: 90mm (3.54") W192mm (7.56") H37mm (1.46") D mm (excluding protrusions) 100mm (3.94") W202mm (7.95") H57mm (2.24") Dmm (including holster) /450g (15.9oz) (with battery) 680g (24.0oz) (with holster and battery)
• Applicable standards: Safety: EN61010-1:2001 EN61010-031:2002, Pollution class 2, Measurement category CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V, Expected overvoltage 8000V - EMC: EN61326:1997 + A1: 1998 + A2:2001
• Warranty period: 3 years (excludes measurement accuracy)
• Accessories: Test Lead 3851-10 , holster (for main unit),battery (6LR61) 1 (for monitor in main unit)

Additional Specifications:

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