Hioki 3804-50 FMI Digital Multimeter with Capacitance Testing for Basic Applications

Brand: Hioki
Model: 3804-50
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Hioki 3804-50 Multimeters

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The Hioki 3804-50 FMI Digital HiTester is a digital multimeter for basic applications, including capacitance testing. The unit records maximum, minimum, and average values, contains a relative value display, and can now be connected via USB or RS-232C to your PC (using optional accessories). Its basic accuracy is ±0.9%. With a voltage range of 999.99mV to 999V AC/DC, this field measuring instrument is useful for a range of applications. Other accessories include test lead and holster for added convenience.Comparable to Fluke Models: 73 and 77.

  • Record maximum / minimum / average value
  • Relative value display
  • Simple performance and low cost, Basic accuracy ±0.09%
  • New PC communication via USB or RS-232C (using optional accessories)
  • Basic Specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year):
  • DC Voltage: 999.9mV to 999.9V, 4 ranges (Basic accuracy: ±0.09% rdg. ±2dgt.)
  • AC Voltage: 40 to 500Hz: 999.9mV to 999.9V, 4 ranges (Basic accuracy: ±1.2% rdg. ±5dgt. /Average rectifier effective value)
  • Resistance: 999.9Ω to 99.99MΩ, 6 ranges (Basic accuracy: ±0.3% rdg. ±3dgt.)
  • DC Current: 999.9µA to 9.99A, 5 ranges (Basic accuracy: ±0.1% rdg. ±3dgt.)
  • AC Current: 40 to 500Hz 999.9µA to 9.99A, 5 ranges (Basic accuracy: ±1.2% rdg. ±5dgt. /Average rectifier effective value)
  • Contact check: Buzzer sounds at a resistance equivalent to or less than 100 counts for each range
  • Diode check: Open-terminal voltage: less than 3.5V, Measurement current 0.46mA
  • Capacitance: 9.999µF (resolution 1nF) to 9.999mF (resolution 1µF), 4 ranges (Basic accuracy: ±2% rdg. ±5dgt.)
  • Other functions: Recording value of maximum, minimum, averaging, Trigger-hold, Refresh-hold, 4-20mA%, Relative value, Auto-power save, RS-232C/USB communication
  • Display: Digital LCD, max. 9999 digit Sampling rate: 7 times/s, 4 times/s (at capacitance measurement up to 100 µF)
  • Power consumption: 6F22 (Stacked manganese battery) 1, Continuous use: 30 hr 6LR61 (Stacked alkaline battery) 1, Continuous use: 60 hr
  • Dimensions, mass: 83mm (3.27 in) W 178mm (7.01 in) H 58mm (2.28 in) D, 390g (13.8 oz) (with holster and battery)
  • Supplied accessories: Test Lead 3851-10 1, Holster 1, Battery (6LR61) 1 (for trial purposes only)Additional Specifications:Manufacturer Specification Sheet (PDF File)
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