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Humidifier Filters

A quality humidifier filter can help reduce dangerous pathogens in the air, especially those released by old or dirty humidifier filters. Provide the proper humidity in your home or office to improve respiratory health and protect your furniture, rubber molding, paint, and other household elements. We carry the best humidifier filters in the industry, including brands Aprilaire, Honeywell, and Holmes.

It is well-known that humidifiers with filters are still more efficient. To keep the quality of the released air on the proper level, these filters should be changed regularly. Westside Wholesale carries the best filters in the industry including famous brands Aprilaire, Holmes and Honeywell. Each humidifier needs a special filter so check the manual before choosing any. We also mentioned the models that the filter is suitable for to make the choice easier.

Wick-type portable filters should be changed once in 1-3 months. The frequency depends on the quality of the air in the surroundings. Anyway, it is better to change the filter more often than breathe in the particles that are released from the dirty filter. Notice, that after some time contaminants clog the filter and hinder the proper operation of the appliance. Any humidifier will work less efficient and consume more energy when the filter is dirty.

Filters offered by Westside Wholesales are thought to be the best on the market. They hold all the impurities, including duct, mold, bacteria and smoke. These filters also eliminate odor and have special treatment to prolong its life. Most of them should be changed once in three months. Some of models can be washed with warm water and a soft cloth. Check the manual to change a humidifier filter.

We have filters for different types of humidifiers. Console filters from Honeywell are durable and cheap, a perfect choice for those who care about money. Replacements filters for cool mist humidifiers are also qualitative and last for a long time. We have Holmes original filters in stock, as well as Aprilaire filter that fit practically every model.

We carry filters of different shapes and sizes. Consult the product page to find out the dimensions and features of each model. Filters are available at wholesale prices. As filters need to be changed regularly it is better to buy one pack for the whole year. It is also cheaper as Westside Wholesale offers additional discounts in this case. However, there are still some very good offers for the filters that are on sale available at no shipping cost.

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Lasko THF 8

Lasko THF 8

Lasko Humidifier Filter Replacement for Lasko Humidifier 1128

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How to Select

How to select Humidifier Filters

The quality of a replacement filter for your humidifier or other cleaning device is the key factor that helps create a healthy environment in a room where such device is installed. We have prepared the following guide to help you find and select the best humidifier filters that exist today. All you will have to do is spend several minutes of your time and follow the simple instructions.

A humidifier filter lasts for 2 or 3 months, depending on whether smoke and dust is present in the air. This means that you’ll have to change the filters at least four times a year. Compatibility with the humidifier is the essential factor to consider when selecting a filter. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to look for the exact same filter you always used. To know if the filter will be compatible with the device, compare its specifications with the ones of the old filter. If they match, you are good to go.

Maintenance of the filter is also something to pay attention to. Not many of humidifier owners know that the filters of such device can be cleaned in order to prolong the life of the device and increase its performance. To perform such maintenance work, you need to have direct access to the filter so ensure it offers such option before you buy it.

The material from which the filter is made plays a great part in its durability. Since humidifier filters are placed near the water panel element, they are designed to absorb harmful chemicals and particles from the water source. This means that the material they are made from should not have any toxic elements because they will be distributed into the air.

When the filter is selected, some of the questions may still remain. The most frequently asked one is how to replace the old filter in a humidifier?

Despite the fact that all of the humidifiers have different design, the process of replacing a filter is pretty much the same for all of them. You need to remove the cover of the device, then get to the water tank and the filter that is installed in or near it and take the filter out. After that, you can insert a new filter, place the water tank back and close the cover. After replacing a filter, turn the device on and ensure that it operates correctly.

Why do I need to replace the filter anyway?

In order to provide your room with fresh and most importantly, healthy air, a humidifier has to be able to distribute the moisture from the water tank. A filter gets in the middle of this process and ensures no harmful particles are going into the room along with the moisture. If a filter is old and dirty, it will contaminate the water from the tank and lower the air quality of the room.