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About Humidifiers

Health and hygiene are growing concerns inside your home, but with Westside Wholesale’s humidifiers, promoting improved air quality to deliver healthier living standards for your family. With humidifiers, water panels, dehumidifiers and humidifier accessories, you can find the perfect products for your home. Whether your need is portable or whole house applications, there are products for all your applications. With such great features as 3 gallon cool mist humidifiers, warm mist, output console humidifier, digital controllers, ultrasonic humidifier, evaporative humidifier, large capacity recirculating, and high efficiency.

For great air quality products, Westside Wholesale is the right choice for the best selection and competitive pricing.

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Aprilaire 1180

Aprilaire 1180

Aprilaire Humidifier, Stand Alone Automatic Commercial Steam Humidifier - 16kW, 48lb/hr

Our Price: $2,599.98
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How to Select

How to select Humidifiers

A room humidifier can help you make the dry air in your house fresh, enjoyable and healthy. Since dry air leads to constant coughing, headaches and oftentimes more severe health problems, you need to ensure you install a humidifier in your home to prevent such problems from happening. The following guide will help you pay attention to the most important factors and choose the perfect choice for your home.

Humidifiers are used in homes that are built in desert areas or in rooms that use forced air heating. Since dry air affects people equally, despite their allergies or other health conditions, you can buy one humidifier and use it in every room of your house.

First thing to consider when choosing a humidifier is its type. There are various devices that differ by the method of humidification, size and design. For example, two most common methods use cool or warm mist to moisturize the air. The technologies that distribute the steam from the device also differ. The moisture can be distributed from a humidifier by an evaporator or an ultrasonic device that are installed inside the humidifiers’ body. Both types are safe and have almost the same effect. To choose the type that will suit you the most, pay attention to additional features and options that a humidifier can offer.

Next factor to consider when choosing a room humidifier is the style of the device. Specify a place for your future humidifier and then look for the option with compatible design. With a wide variety of options that exist today, you can find a portable, wall- or ceiling-mounted, console and flow-through bypass humidifier. Portability is a helpful and very convenient feature in case you want to use the device for multiple rooms. In other cases, choose the device that will give the best performance and will be easy to install.

Control option is the next factor to consider. Now that you know where your future humidifier will be installed, you need to select the control options according to the device’s location. If it is installed in the ventilation system or is mounted on the ceiling, a remote control is your only choice. While choosing the controls, ensure that they offer various modes of operation in addition to a simple off/on switch.

Handling and maintenance are the last but not least factors to consider. Ensure that you will be able to refill the water tank or remove the filter of a humidifier by yourself. Otherwise you will need to hire a professional and pay him some extra money from your budget.