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Getting rid of food waste is a chore that needs to be done but is not particularly enjoyed by those who do it. It is good to know that a simple machine as a garbage disposal (or disposer) can do this chore for you. These units offer a sanitary way to handle food waste and allows you to make fewer trips to the garbage can so that you can forget about those garbage bags that are dripping with moisture and ready to burst open. Garbage disposals also minimize odors caused by food spoilage and keep drains clog-free. A relatively small investment into this convenient appliance will pay off with years of service.

There are two basic types of garbage disposals: one is continuous-feed and the other is batch-fed. Both of them are placed under the sink and dispose of waste by grinding it. Both of them require a reliable supply of cold or warm water to operate. What differs is their mode of functioning. Continuous feed disposals are operated by a wall switch. They can be fed waste non-stop as they remain open at all times. These models can get rid of a large volume of waste in the shortest term possible. As for batch feed disposals, they are activated when a lid is safely locked in place which is a significant safety advantage for families with small children.

Garbage disposers range in their capacity of grinding food waste, which is measured in horsepower. A unit with one-third horsepower will do a good job of disposing of garbage, but the more horsepower the better. A unit with one horsepower will not only grind away parings and fruit pits, but will also wash down the drain corncobs, bones, and even seafood shells without causing jams.

If your home has a private septic system and you are worried that a garbage disposal would require the septic tank to be pumped out much more often than usual, you will be happy to know that there are machines designed especially for such systems. These units are equipped with a bio-charge enzyme cartridge with microorganisms that digest food once they get into the grind chamber and help prevent buildup of sludge.

Provided that you have selected the right garbage disposal, having such a machine in your kitchen will significantly raise the quality of your life. With this machine at your disposal, there will be no more musky smell of old food coming out of garbage bags waiting for their collection on sidewalks and less garbage to attract flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and rats. A garbage disposer will also help the waste end up at a sewage-treating plant where it will decompose much faster than in a landfill.