Intermatic Wireless Lighting Control System

Intermatic has a deep experience in creating light control systems. The company has been an innovator in this field for a long time. Westside Wholesale offers its customers to check out our catalogue and consider purchasing Intermatic light control systems. Modern wireless solutions will make your house a better place with a greater efficiency and functionality. Complex light control systems help to adjust lighting levels, turn on and off lights and reduce energy consumption, therefore, these systems allow users to save money.

Westside Wholesale sells a decent variety of light control complex systems. Intermatic RC613R is a reasonably priced solution for a residential house and many homeowners have already seen that these modular radio receivers make life so much easier. This product is a receiving control unit, which is a part of a two-part system. With a remote transmitter an user can control lighting from a distance. Intermatic RC613R is easy to install and set up. Functional switcher-operators. One transmitter operates one, two or three receivers.

Intermatic HA101K is a great choice for homeowners without any experience in lighting systems. It contains wireless remote controller and plug-in lamp modules. This system is practical and can be integrated in any existing home network with compatible parameters. Intuitive installation and apprehensible interface make this system versatile. Neat design and compact size allow users to hide elements of the system in the interior. Intermatic HA05C is a screw-in lamp module with wireless receiver. It fits in any home setting network with compatible parameters as well.

Intermatic products vary and, therefore, offer its users different methods of creating and operating the light control system in the house. Different receivers, transmitters and complex systems allow homeowners to avoid problems with radio interference, material obstacles and radio dead spots. Westside Wholesale offers its customers to ensure that their houses are under control with Intermatic light control systems.

Intermatic RC613R

Intermatic RC613R

Intermatic Wireless Modular Radio Reciever

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How to Select

How to select Wireless Lighting Control System

There are countless benefits of installing a wireless lighting control system in a building, starting with an increased level of comfort and ending with energy-saving operation of each lighting fixture. The following guide that Westside Wholesale has prepared for you includes useful tips on how to select the most suitable wireless system for your needs.

First and foremost, the most important detail to specify before looking for a wireless lighting control system is the features that it should offer. Since there are various lighting fixtures installed in every building, your future system should have programmed modes of operation for each of them. Calculate the number of lighting fixtures of each type and then specify what is exactly that you want to control. For example, you may want to equip your indoor lights with an automatic on/off switch or a dimmer that will control the brightness of each lamp.

The next factor to pay attention to when selecting a wireless lighting control system is its compatibility with the lights that are installed in your house. Older fixtures may not be compatible with new controllers but there’s a simple solution you can take advantage of. There are wireless adapters that can help the general receiver send signals to the fixture and trigger its switch.

Control options of a wireless system are also the factor to consider. You need to look for remotes with the easiest controllers, otherwise you and your family members will have hard time managing the lights’ operation.

After all of the factors from above are taken into account, you might want to consider the installation and safety requirements and whether the system that you have selected complies with them. Usually, such information can be found in the description of the device, If not, ask the seller to provide you with it.

When the wireless lighting control system is finally selected, you may still have some concerns about its operation. Hopefully, the following answers will help you make the final decision.

How do I install a wireless lighting control system? All of the need-to-know information usually comes with the system details. However, complex systems with unusual connections and features may have specific installation rules that only manufacturer can provide. If you are not planning to install such system by yourself, which is usually the case, the person that you hire to do that will know everything there is to know about such installation.