Jandy 1104003 Sheer Descent Waterfall w/Back Feed 4Ft., Standard 1inch. Soft White Lip - White

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Brand: Jandy Model: 1104003 Condition: New

Jandy 1104003 Swimming Pool Waterfalls

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The Jandy 1104003 Sheer Descent Waterfall produces a clear arc of water, projecting away from the pool wall. The Jandy 1104003 Sheer Descent Waterfall produces a wide range of water effects and can easily be adjusted to suit any mood or environment. The flow can be setup to create a range of effects from an almost silent, glass like sheet of water, to a rushing mountain spring waterfall.

Any pool not square or rectangular in shape (i.e. circular and other unique shaped pools) requires Radius or Super Radius Sheer Descents, to enable greater customization for unusually shaped and designed pools. The specific waterfall must be cut to fit the shape of your pool, so that it blends to the shape and adds to the fantastic look of the area.

When ordering the waterfall, please indicate style, lip color, feed type and lip size. If ordering a Super Radius Cut, please indicate whether the cut should be convex (outside) or concave (inside) and specify the dimension of the radius.

Features:• For Non-Square or Rectangular Pools Choose Correct Style, Lip Color, Feed Type, Lip Size And Radius Carefully
• Injection Molded PVC
• Back Feed Plumbing
• Uni-Body Construction
• Creates Clear Sheet of Water
• Available in Lengths from 8" to 8', Including Curved and Extended Lip Models
• Available in Radius And Super Radius Waterfalls for Greater Customization of Unusual Shapes and Designs
• Available with Bonded, Hammered Metal Lips
• Also Available in Bottom Feed
• No Jandy Valve or Rock Trap
Specifications:• Waterfall Style: Sheer Descent
• Lip Color: Soft White
• Finish: White
• Feed Type: Back Feed
• Length: 4'
• Lip Size: Standard (1")

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Questions & Answers

Can you show me the specs on this item and what size pump will it take to run it

by leo B. on 05-09-2012

This is information from the Jandy Sheer Descent's installation manual.

In most cases, a properly sized standard swimming pool pump will operate the Sheer Descent waterfall and filter the pool with little loss of total water turnover. As a general rule of thumb, the Sheer Descent waterfall requires approximately 12 gallons per minute per foot with little head loss. For a more dramatic effect, more water gallonage can be applied to project the waterfall further away from the wall. When plumbing multiple falls, add the total length of waterfalls together to determine GPM required. e.g. When plumbing two 6 foot units, you now have 12 feet of waterfall, which requires 144 gallons per minute.

For more information including a reference chart and sizing of dedicated waterfall pumps please refer to this Installation Manual (Click Here to View PDF). The information on pump sizing begins on page 10.

on 05-09-2012
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