Kichler Chandeliers

Westside Wholesale online shop offers a really wide range of the Kichler product lines including amazing chandeliers of high quality and exceptional aesthetic looks.

Kichler is globally known manufacturer of various lighting products for residential applications of all the kinds.

At Westside wholesale we stock numerous variations of chandeliers by Kichler that will add sophisticated charm and beauty to every house. The product line that we offer is able to suit any décor and inside design as the chandeliers we present come in most popular finish colors such as carre bronze, terrene bronze, brushed nickel, olde brick, olde bronze and many other colors.

Along with finish color our consumers can choose the appropriate style of a chandelier, they designed in European, transitional, soft contemporary, casual lifestyle. The variations are so numerous that all the needs of any client can be fully satisfied.

The chandeliers we stock come with different quantity of bulbs depending on the model. This provides amazing illumination and adds a charming style to any home inside design.

We at Westside Wholesale give detailed information on each chandelier for easy and quick choice. We provide information about fixture dimensions (width, height and weight), the number of bulbs, style and shipping weight. We offer the products we stock with no shipping costs and at affordable prices.

The chandeliers by Kichler come are CULP listed for enhanced safety. The bulbs are not included and are sold separately.

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How to Select

How to select Chandeliers

A chandelier can help you add style to any room, change its mood and spice up the romance. Westside Wholesale has prepared the following guide to help you select the option that will suit your needs best.

The style of a chandelier should be the first factor that you consider. It’s important to ensure that you select a device that matches the décor of your house and the style of the room where it will be installed. Modern chandeliers are made from bronze, brass, glass, satin nickel or wrought iron. Consider all the options and choose the one that suits the room the most. The styles that you can select from include traditional, modern, French, country, whimsical and many others.

After the style of your future chandelier is specified, you need to think about its size. Select the size according to the room’s area or square footage. Remember that you don’t want to overwhelm the room with huge lighting devices that will steal away all attention. Smaller chandeliers installed in a row can add more elegance than a larger device. The area of the room is not the only factor to consider—the ceiling’s height also plays a great role in selecting the chandelier’s size. The height of a chandelier is calculated by the following formula: 1 foot of the room’s height = 3 inches of the device’s height.

Since the main purpose of a chandelier is to provide light to a room it’s important to pay attention to the maximum wattage of such fixture and whether it is compatible with the building’s requirements. It’s also imperative that you consider the type of light bulb you will be using. It’s likely that you will want the chandelier to consume a small amount of energy while providing the room with enough light. With modern lighting technologies, such as LED or CFL, your desire can be fulfilled. LED light bulbs operate 5 times longer than other conventional lighting types, and they use 50% less energy. Chandeliers equipped with LED light bulbs may have a higher price but they will save you more money in a long run.

The chandelier’s maintenance and care are the last details that you need to pay attention to. Before you select any items, see that they are made from durable and resistant materials. Since every lighting device that is installed in your home requires cleaning at least twice a year, ensure that a bit of water and detergent won’t harm it.

Finally, after all of the important factors are considered, think about the control options of your future chandeliers. You can switch them manually or with a help of a remote control, in this case, ensure that the chandelier that you have selected can be connected to a remote.