Kichler Lighting, Landscape Lighting, & Bathroom Lights

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Kichler Lighting has been a leader in the landscape lighting industry since 1938. Kichler has the ability to design lighting solutions with an eye for distinctive beauty that doesn't sacrifice functionality. Westside Wholesale sells hundreds of products from the ever-elegant Kichler brand, including high-quality indoor, outdoor and landscape lighting products.

In fact, the range of stylish designs provided by Kichler is staggering. They've crafted gorgeous outdoor, ceiling and wall lighting, as well as a glamorous line of chandeliers, all with eye-catching designs. There's most likely a collection of Kichler lighting products in the Westside Wholesale inventory to help match or inspire your home's decor.

In addition to stunning colors, breathtaking designs and unique finishes, Kichler lighting products are created for years of reliable use. They've also designed long-lasting under cabinet and bathroom lighting solutions that have many practical applications. Westside Wholesale also tocks replacement bulbs and other accessories so that customers can find everything they need for their Kichler products in one convenient place.