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InSinkErator Kitchen Faucets

The Westside Wholesale offers a great variety of products, produced by InSinkErator, the famous brand in the North-America for their home and commercial equipment. Kitchen faucets by this manufacturer are always of the superior quality and the most affordable prices in the market.

In this product line we present contemporary hot and cold water dispensers, hot water tanks, and water filtration cartridges, easily replaceable and durable. The products are presented in the variety of colors (silver, brown, and black) and the variety of shapes (the majority are of “gooseneck”). The faucets are manufactured of chrome, stainless steel, satin nickel, brushed chrome, rubbed bronze. For some of the items 1-5-year come-to-home-service warranty is predetermined.

SST-FLTR is the powerful stainless hot water tank and filtration system, with an extensive capacity of 2/3 gallon tank for 60 cups of 200-degrees water per hour. The voltage rates (120V), electric power (750W), and electric current (6.25 Amps) allow saving energy costs. Easy installation and comfortable use are the best features of this item.

Kitchen faucets by InSinkErator are of the highest quality. They can dispense near-boiling 200-degrees F or cool-drinking water of the various amounts. Durable and resistant constructions, equipped with good filters, these products consist of high-quality water flow and temperature control systems, easily adjustable to any kitchen environment and comfortable in use. Filter cartridges are easy to install and replace. Some models are equipped with a thermostat adjustable from 150 to 210 degrees F. Filters can bring the fresher and better taste of the drinking water in the kitchen.

The kitchen faucets by InSinkErator are 100% compliant to the highest standards of quality tested and certified by the independent experts and organizations. They will be a contemporary add to the stylish and elegant kitchen environments. In fact, prices for these items start at just 159.99$ for HOT-1 kitchen faucet, and only 68.99$ for water filtration cartridges. These prices are more than affordable – they are just amazing!

The Westside Wholesale cares about every customer and offers the variety of discounts and bonuses. When buying at our online store, the customers get 100% satisfaction guarantee and fully appreciate the purchases.

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How to Select

How to Shop for Kitchen Faucets

How many times a day do you turn on the water faucet in the kitchen? Dozens? Hundreds? It is difficult to imagine what the average kitchen faucet has to endure over its lifetime, so it needs to be high quality to last through the years. This will minimize the possibility of leaky faucets and reduce your repair bills.

Although kitchen faucets come in numerous styles, there are few basic designs. Many faucets come with a hot and cold tap, but rather than getting a two-handle unit, choose a single-levered faucet. They are usually pricier than models with two handles and a spout between them but are convenient to grasp and adjust with one hand and can be easily used by children and arthritic sufferers.

Single-handle faucets use a ball, cartridge, or disc mechanism, while two-handle units are disk, cartridge, or compression. Out of these kinds of kitchen faucets, compression models are the most prone to dripping since they use seals or washers than can wear out. Disk-type units are usually the strongest and most trouble-free, and cartridge-type faucets with an easily replaceable cartridge allow for easy repairs.

It is typical to install a separate sprayer in addition to the main faucet but if you prefer your kitchen to be minimalist, there are modern combination units with a sprout that can be pulled out to become a sprayer. Such a model makes it easier to water plants, notably those in large pots, and can be used to rinse out the sink. And if you need to fill high pots, pans, and kettles, consider a traditional gooseneck faucet that can fill even lobster-cooking pots.

Kitchen faucets are available in different styles and finishes, including polished chrome, polished copper, brass, brushed nickel, brushed chrome, brushed bronze, black iron, powder enamel and antique brass. Most of these units have a contemporary appearance with polished chrome being the most common finish since it is durable and suits any kitchen décor. However, there are models with antique styling and finish that work especially well in a traditional kitchen. Moreover, brushed or patina finishes might be preferable to polished shiny surfaces since they do not show water spots.

With kitchen faucets, price is typically an accurate indicator of quality. Avoid faucets equipped with plastic handles or shells of dubious durability. Do not get lured by the price tag: high quality kitchen faucets will repay you in continued trouble-free operation, water savings and low maintenance.