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About Specialty Knives

Westside Wholesale is proud to offer the highest grade specialty knives available to date.  We offer knives that are perfect for everyday use as well as knives that are great for the most skilled outdoorsman.  All of the specialty knives we offer come in broad spectrum of edges, finishes and sizes.  We have done the extensive research into the category and have taken the guess work out of selecting only the best of the best knives for your specific needs.

The edges of the knives we have to offer are saw blades, fine edge or serrated edge blades.  Fine edge blades are perfect for everyday use and for cutting items that are easily sliced.  The serrated edge blades are used in applications where the item may be more difficult to cut through.  Serrated edge blades are ideal for rope, small branches and other tough material.  The saw blades are perfect for larger jobs.  These jobs include the bone of large game, difficult brush and branches, and all other large jobs where a standard blade just will not cut it.

Our specialty knives also vary in finishes such as satin polish, bead blasted, black oxide, black TiNi, and powder coated.  Depending on your situation each finish can be very useful to you.  Satin polish is a standard finish in specialty knives that gives it a beautiful shiny finish that really shows off you amazing blade.  When you wish to be a little more inconspicuous choose a black, oxide, black TiNi.  These finishes will not reflect sunlight preventing reflections off the blade that will give away your position.

We also offer many different sized specialty knives.  Our large range of specialty knives includes axes, saws, machetes, survival knives, and pocket knives.  With such a diverse range of specialty knives we definitely have a size that will suit your needs.

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Gerber Knives 31-001270

Gerber Knives 31-001270

Gerber Knives Bear Grylls Field Sharpener

Our Price: $14.89
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